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Top 5 Trends For Self-Care

Top 5 Trends For Self-Care

Nowadays, its uber important to take care of your physical and mental health. Self-care has been an essential to survive these trying times and stay focus on your goals.

Here are our 5 must haves to help inspire a healthier you.

  1. Meditation Cushions
    Get your zen on with buckwheat filled meditation cushions. Our fave is ZaZa Meditation. They are quality made and comfortable to use, and come in an array of chakra inspired colors that are machine washable. Making your meditation moment even more peaceful in any indoor / outdoor surrounding.
  2. Yoga Mats
    Move your body and your chakra on a daily with the perfect mat. The Manduka Pro Yoga Mat perfect for durability. Although, the price point is on the high side, this mat is perfect for the individual who practices yoga frequently. Great investment!
  3. Candles
    Take yourself to the beach and appeal to all your senses with the ocean smelling Vancouver candle Co. Atlantic Candle. Burning a candle brings a new element to self-care by creating a positive environment for yourself and helping you escape reality.
  4. Oil Roll Ons
    From an array of scents to choose from, Earth’s Elements has delicately blended therapeutic oils and gemstones in their new Roll On collection. Small enough to toss in your bag, bring love, focus and opportunities with you wherever you go!
  5. Succulents
    Leave it to the pros to help set a calming environment with beautiful greenery. At ProFlowers is an expert at adding Western flare to your home. Succulent plants are easy to care for, making them the perfect gift for a loved one or for yourself!


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