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Girls’ Night Out In Charleston? Fun Social Distancing Ideas

Girls’ Night Out In Charleston? Fun Social Distancing Ideas

The world is quite different from what it was pre-COVID19. What seems to be a harmless fun night out at the club, or drinks by your local bar, or even a movie with a group of friends now have to be reconsidered to prevent the spread of the virus. Because of this, Charleston residents often feel limited when it comes to the recreational things they can do outside the home.

With these changes in mind, businesses are now ramping up their social distancing adjustments to cater to everyone, including ladies who want to cap off the week with something fun. Here are some ideas:

Drive-In Theaters

Do you miss your weekly movie nights with your girls? Enjoying the movies with friends is still possible with drive-in theaters available in Charleston. One of the most popular ones is Terrace Drive-In, where you can purchase a ticket online for $28. Gates open typically at 7 pm, and you can park close to your friends while watching the movie on a projected screen.

Concessions and drinks are also available to purchase online which will be given before the drive-in movie experience. To keep safe, there are also rules within these outdoor theaters such as no tailgating or going outside the car for other reasons except going to the restroom. There is also a list of other drive-in theaters by iHeart Charleston.

Bars Practicing Social Distancing

If watching a movie isn’t your top choice, perhaps a bar that practices social distancing should be up your alley for you and your lady friends. The recent reviews for a Charleston bar called Uptown Social mentioned how they were very respectful of health and safety guidelines post-COVID-19 outbreak.

The company website has a memorandum that guests and staff must do, such as temperature checks for employees, washing hands, and placing silverware only when guests are seated. These very thorough guidelines may be a great idea for a small group who wants to enjoy each others’ company over food and drinks.

To see if a bar practices social distancing guidelines, you can either visit their website announcements or call about the new rules they are imposing. Some ways to also keep safe during close contact is to wear a mask and wash with a portable sanitizer when seated with friends, especially during talk time to avoid exposure of droplets.

Outlet Mall Shopping

Retail therapy while practicing safety during COVID-19 is still possible through outlet malls. There’s a smaller risk of exposure as outlet malls are mostly outdoors and you can keep a safe distance from your friends and others as you go shopping.

Since outlet malls have new shopping hours, you may want to go a little earlier than usual, such as 5 or 6 pm, as most stores close at around 7 pm. Tanger Outlets in Charleston have popular retail chains such as Adidas, Banana Republic, Coach, Clark’s, H&M, Rack Room Shoes, and many others. If you feel like going somewhere else after outlet malls close, at least it’s a part of your early evening itinerary to spend more time with friends.

Beach Game Rentals

Are you and your friends close to the coast but are running out of fun things to do by the beach? You can simply call a beach games and equipment rental company for an assortment of things to do. Beach and Games to Go delivers to Charleston, and they have packages that include outdoor games such as cornhole, table tennis, and ladders game.

These outdoor beach games can be safely played by taking turns and practicing social distancing rules. Another plus is playing them outdoors, making spending time with friends safer. After a fun game evening, you can all lay down your mats to watch the beautiful Charleston beach sunset! For nature-loving gals, this idea is a sure winner.

Picnic By the Sunset

Another one for the nature-loving ladies is to enjoy a scenic sunset by packing your own snacks and going to the best parts in Charleston. James Island County Park offers open hours from 8 am to 8 pm, and most of the year until sunset.

This way, you can spend a little time more outdoors with friends in recreational activities such as frisbee, biking, or volleyball at the park and make sunset-watching an evening highlight for everyone.

Navigating the New Normal In Charleston

COVID-19 plunged the world into a state of uncertainty, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay in to coexist with the virus. As we navigate the new normal in Charleston and beyond, these fun night out ideas will help you stay in touch with loved ones while staying safe.




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