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Special Offer on Pixie’s New Book

Special Offer on Pixie’s New Book

Pixie Paula Dezzutti’s NEW book, Alphabet Soup: The ABCs of NFTs & Other Blockchain Acronyms: Your 101 Quick Reference Guide to Unpacking Digital Currency Jargon is  available for Pre-Sale for only $11.11 directly on YOU do not want to miss this SPECIAL invitation.

Welcome to Pixie’s Classroom! In this step-by-step guide you will learn how to unpack the world of NFTs, Blockchain, and Digital Currency from A-Z for you and your business. If you have no idea what an NFT is, what all of these “new” terms and acronyms mean or are unsure of where to begin…then this is the book for YOU!

Pixie Paula Dezzutti, the Owner and CEO of award-winning Striped Pig Distillery and Skirt Magazine, will break down all the pieces needed to enter this space with humor and game changing ease.

NFTs and blockchain technology is already here so you need to familiarize yourself with the new lingo. Reserve your special digital copy today.

And watch for Pixie’s multi-city book tour dates to be announced soon.

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