You Got the Look

Halloween always puts us in the mood to dress up, to experiment. Whether you’re going all out for a costume party or just seeking inspiration, look to these female icons, who are known for their power and influence just as much as the styles they’ve inspired for generations. Makeup artist Elina Mille, owner of Bellelina Skincare and Makeup Studio, shares tips for how to achieve these iconic looks.

Photographed by Pale Girl Photography
Makeup by Elina Mille of Bellelina Skincare

Hair by Mac McBee of Coven Haircraft
Styled by Andrea Serrano


Cleopatra reigned as queen of ancient Egypt and was seen as just as powerful as her male contemporaries. She is often depicted with colorful and dramatic eye makeup and has been painted as a temptress, though her real strength more likely came from her intelligence.

  1. Channel her iconic look by opting for graphic geometric lines and vivid colors. Have fun with this makeup!
  2. Use jewel tones, sparkles and lots of metallic gold on eyes, lips and cheeks.

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Marie Antoinette

This last queen of France before the French Revolution is remembered in part for her 18th century style and excess, and her iconic look still reigns. For a modern spin on a queen’s look, follow these tips:

For that famous alabaster complexion, use a creamy full coverage foundation several shades lighter than your skin tone. Set with a powder in the same pale shade. This step is essential to the overall look.

  1. Pale pastel color eyeshadows will give a fresh twist to the queen’s inspired makeup.
  2. Another eponymous trademark of this look – bright blush. The key is to keep a color fairly concentrated, central and doll-like. Shades of pink, fuchsia or red will work perfectly.
  3. For the lips, apply a matte pink, red or orange lipstick with a finger, trying to keep the shape rosebud like.
  4. Don’t forget the famous beauty mark! Make a small dot with a soft black pencil anywhere on the cheeks.

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Twiggy became one of the first international supermodels, and her unique look has come to symbolize swinging ‘60s style. To re-create her famous makeup look, remember:

  1. It’s all about the eyes! To create a doll-like effect, use a matte white shadow all over the lid, then line your lash line with a black gel eyeliner. Using a small defining brush and a matte eyeshadow in either black or dark gray, trace a fake crease in an oval shape.
  2. Eyelashes should be very thick, dark and long, so falsies are necessary. Draw fake lower lashes with black liquid or gel eyeliner and a stiff angled brush.
  3. Finish the look with a peachy blush or bronzer and some neutral warm toned lipstick.

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