Women at Work: Tasha Kotz

Tasha Kotz
The Law Office of Tasha J. Kotz, LLC
525 Folly Road, Suite 204, Charleston, SC 29412
8432133649 | tasha@tashakotzlaw.com
Facebook: @tashakotzlaw
Instagram: @lawofficeoftashaj.kotz 

The Law Office of Tasha J. Kotz is proud to serve South Carolina, specifically Lowcountry residents. It is my goal to understand each client’s individual needs and help overcome their challenges in cases from divorce, child custody, spousal support, estate planning and criminal litigation. My firm focuses on providing compassion and exceptional client service while aggressively advocating for each of my clients.  

What makes you successful in your career?
A couple of key strengths that lend to my success are my drive for professionalism, giving back to the community, and passion for work. In this career, I work with other attorneys daily on contested issues. I always strive to stay professional even in situations where I do not agree with what opposing counsel may be arguing. I am also extremely passionate about my work and helping people overcome obstacles. If I can use my talents to not only help my business grow, but also help others and give back to my community, then I believe I have reached the definition of success.  

What advice would you offer to women with similar goals?
I understand all too well the challenges facing women lawyers in a male-dominated workplace.  Some advice I would offer: Women in a male-dominated career field must support each other. I believe senior women lawyers, who have experienced the challenges for women in law, should mentor younger professionals. Do not use your sex appeal as a power move in the law profession; maintaining professionalism goes a long way. Above all, the law is a very demanding career. Create a life of balance that includes paying attention to personal needs and health.