Women at Work: Paula Dezzutti

Paula Dezzutti
Addie Belasco and Rachyl Dezzutti
Local Choice Spirits
2225 A Old School Drive, Charleston, SC 29405
843-814-8347 | localchoicespirits.com
Facebook: @localchoicespirits | Instagram: @localchoicespirits 


Local Choice Spirits is an award-winning, family run spirits and wine producer, and owner of The Striped Pig, South Carolina’s Distillery of the Year. We work with local artists such as Tyler Boone’s Bourbon and Red Harbor Rum to create amazing brands that support local entrepreneurs and community initiatives with our Sip and Share loyalty platform. 

What makes you successful in your career?
We are operating distilleries echoing a strong female voice in a big-boy dominated industry governed by a purpose and vision to empower communities to honor partnership and inspiration instead of fear and greed. Long-term success comes from adaptability and the desire to serve wherever you are needed and in whatever capacity: timing and tenacity! 

What advice would you offer to women with similar goals?
Trust that what you desire is on its way as long as you keep clarity and honor your own vibration. Find your unique ability and be undeniable and strong. Stand behind your innovation and go with the flow of what appears is or is not happening in the now, trusting that you are changing the world and making history by honoring your own female instincts!