Women at Work: Melissa Brown

Family Law Attorney

Tell us about the services you offer. I am a family law attorney. I represent great people whose marriages or parental relationships with their children are at risk. My goal is to provide these clients with a dedicated, knowledgeable, experienced approach to maximize their results and protect their family’s futures.

What makes you sucessful in your career? As a young attorney, I sought out older, respected, experienced family court lawyers who guided, mentored and pointed me in the right direction. I also used every opportunity to continue studying the law and giving back through publishing articles in legal journals and law reviews as well as accepting speaking engagements around the country.

What advice would you offer to women with similar goals? For lawyers, research lawyers who are well-respected by judges, peers, colleagues and clients. Review their cases (courthouse files or published opinions), their websites (their education, career and articles) and the Internet (search online using all kinds of search engines). After confirming the attorney is one you want to emulate, take them to lunch. Explain how their career inspires you and ask the lawyer if he or she is willing to serve as your mentor. If yes, set up a schedule to interact that works for both of you!

56 Wentworth Street, Suite 100, Charleston, SC, 29401
melissa@melissa-brown.com | 843.722.8900