Women at Work: Erin Walker


Board-Certified Dermatologist

I like to view every patient and medical situation as individual and unique. The best lesson learned from a recent art class is to recognize that we all have a different points of view of how we see the world and what’s important to us. At Dermatology & Laser Center of Charleston, I’ve be able to find a professional home and help each patient find and embrace their own unique beauty and best skin health. I think having an artist’s eye has been instrumental in helping my patients achieve subtle and natural improvements to help them “go for the glow.”

What advice would you offer to women with similar goals? Take one day at a time and try to enjoy what happens in the moment. Too often we focus on tomorrow and miss what is happening today. Plan for both success and failure; sometimes failure is the best teacher. Take chances; often holding on to the familiar will block an opportunity for something greater. Lastly, find a mentor to use as a sounding board for your ideas and goals. Women mentors often can best relate to some of the challenges you will face in pursuing your long-term career goals and can offer sage advice and much – needed support.

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