Women at Work: Emily Cox

EC O X  C R E A T I V E , L L C 
Principal Designer 

Tell us about the services you offer. Emily Cox’s Master of Architecture education informs her efforts to ensure that the tone and texture of all elements of a built work are supportive of each other, perfectly harmonious and richly layered in meaning. The final result can be only as beautiful as the collaborative journey to arrive there, so she seeks to ensure a design and construction process that is a true pleasure for all involved. Her team specializes in exquisite custom residential, high-end hospitality and luxury resort projects. She also empowers other women to find their voices by leading construction coaching circles to offer education and support.

What makes you sucessful in your career? The success of my firm is a direct result of a deep dedication to partnering with my clients to realize their personal vision, rather than an ego-driven design agenda of my own. Constant attention to listening, interpreting and educating them through every step of the process is critical to ensure that the design experience reveals their deepest desires for their lives. The result is a built environment that serves as an ideal backdrop for that vision.

What advice would you offer to women with similar goals? Never water yourself down in an effort to be more palatable to a wider variety of people. This will inevitably require an enormous ongoing energy investment on your part to maintain the facade, and the exhausting attempt to be all things to all people will result in “opportunities” that come with a massive opportunity cost. Be the brightest, truest, loudest version of yourself. This allows your best fits to find you, and those who aren’t well-suited to partner with you to self-select out. Wish them well and go back to doing exactly what you are here to do – you!

1809B Reynolds Avenue, North Charleston, SC, 29405
emily@ecoxcreative.com | 843.367.3667