Women at Work: Elizabeth Jennings




Tell us about your business or service. When you think of “eye candy,” you think of something visually appealing, right? Well our beauty guests come to enhance their visual appeal, and that’s what we are excited to do for you! If you are looking for a professional, fun and friendly atmosphere to receive awesome eyelash services, beautiful brows, spray tanning, waxing and snazzy skin care, Carolina Eye Candy is the right place! Come relax and allow us to enhance your natural beauty. Call to schedule your eyelashes consultation and find out how eyelash services should truly be applied, and schedule one of our other beauty enhancement services today!

What makes you successful in your career? God has truly blessed me to be a successful entrepreneur. Overnight success is achieved in about 10 years, so I can say that this year I am officially an overnight success! 2018 is my 10th year as a beauty business entrepreneur, and although it has not been without obstacles, my faith in God has made me an overcomer. Having a giving spirit and helping others over the years has helped me to take the focus off myself. Givers do receive. So all that, coupled with my fighting spirit, has garnered success in life.

What advice would you offer to women with similar goals? Seek your own path and never covet what anyone else has or is doing. Your life is truly blessed when you are walking in your own purpose and pursuing genuine passions. Always live with integrity and allow your word to be your bond. When you operate in life this way, you will have clarity and peace. Let go of yesterday’s hurts to win. Last but not least, seek to be a better version of yourself each day and don’t waste your time looking around at others because that is when you will trip, fall, and fail.

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