Unplug and Treat yourself

Sometimes a spa treatment is not about enhancing your appearance. Sometimes it’s about releasing tension, relieving stress and reducing anxiety. Sometimes it’s about the soul. Here’s a roundup of some of the most relaxing treatments and classes we could find, sure to help you restore some much-needed balance to your life.

Float Tank
GlowSpa, Mount Pleasant
Float in a saltwater solution the same temperature as your body in a specially designed tank that looks like a large, enclosed bathtub. The tank is designed to block out distractions such as sight, sound and gravity. Relaxing for one hour in the tank is said to be equal to four hours of sleep. $69 for 60 minutes.

The Shirodhara
Woodhouse Day Spa, Mount Pleasant
This technique begins with warm, nutritive oil flowing onto the center of your forehead from a beautiful copper vessel. As the soothing oil flows from the forehead and over the scalp, you should feel your mental tension floating away. A soothing scalp and neck massage follows, encouraging a feeling of intense healing and emotional well-being. 50 minutes for $100.

Sound Bath
Still Soul Studio, opening in its new location on King Street in mid-October
Sound meditations are designed to target the energy centers within your body to promote healing. Lay down on comfortable cushions and blankets, and let yourself be bathed in sounds created by local musician Ian Morris, creator of Listening to Smile. Since your body is mostly water, you, you become the conductor of the vibrations. $18 for a drop-in class or $80 for a five-session package.

Detox Aroma Touch Treatment
The Restoration Amethyst Spa
The detox aroma touch treatment is designed to encourage the body’s natural state of balance. The treatment eliminates stress, toxins and inflammation through the topical application of pure grade essential oils. The therapist uses lymphatic movements and reflexology to improve feelings of overall health and well-being. 50 minutes for $155.

Thai Massage
Earthling Day Spa
Thai massage integrates passive stretching and gentle compression to improve flexibility, relieve low-back pain and enhance well-being. It is performed on a floor mat. 60 minutes for $110.

Executive Renewal Massage
The Sanctuary Spa, Kiawah
The upper-body aches and pains that come from too many days of travel and too many hours at the computer are eased with penetrating heat, healing arnica and deep tissue techniques focused on your neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. 60 minutes for $185 Sunday-Thursday.

Anxiety Relief Massage
Urban Nirvana, West Ashley
The Anxiety Relief Massage incorporates a unique blend of geranium, bergamot and lavender essentials oils to relax the body and mind. 60 minutes for $98.

Signature Massage
The Dewberry Spa
This signature treatment was designed exclusively for The Dewberry Spa and combines massage techniques with a signature blend of botanical extracts. The antioxidant massage helps create a sensation of relaxation and wellness. 90 minutes for $215.

Signature Massage
Breathe Pilates Studio and Spa, Mount Pleasant
Therapists use lighter pressure, with a focus on breathing, to relax the muscles and joints. Chilled, lavender-infused eye compresses and the organic line of Zents massage products soothe and calm the mind and body. 60 minutes for $89.

Unwind the Week Yoga Class
Reverb Yoga Studio
This 75-minute Friday evening class takes place on the ground and is designed to relieve stress and tension through yoga, myofascial release and breathing techniques. 6:30 p.m. Fridays. $15 for a drop-in class.