The Romantics

Floral prints, jewel tones and lace and ruffle accents get you in the mood for fall – and for romance. Feminine yet bold.  

Photographed by Nicole Mickle 
Shot on location at Wentworth Mansion of Charming Inns

Styled by Andrea Serrano
Hair by Mac McAbee of Coven Haircraft
Makeup by Jonny Sherwood of Colur Studios
Stylist intern Kara Wells


On Andrea Davis:
Anna Cate Janie dress, Monkee’s of Mount Pleasant, $298
Rachel Zoe gold Avery Platform Shoes on King, $368
84 Gem Orisha earrings, The Port Mercantile at The Restoration Hotel, $48 
Julie Vos bangle, Tres Carmen, $185
Julie Vos ring, Tres Carmen, $165 


On Alexandra Hubbell:
Free People dress, Bevello, $168
Barracuda Moon Ravenel earrings,, $144
Barracuda Moon Eye of Ibis necklace,, $129
Barracuda Moon Long Golden Sea Pendant,, $172
Barracuda Moon Andros bracelet,, $88
Julie Vos bangles, $65, $75, $85, $85, Tres Carmen 


On Tiffany Terry:
Camilla dress, Gwynn’s, $650
Midnight Romance earrings, Spartina 449, $38
Mod Pearl cuff, Spartina 449, $34.80
Pelle Moda Red Bonnie, Shoes on King, $160

On Camila Craft:
Doe & Rae jumpsuit, Tres Carmen, $49
Cecilie Bahnsen the Maja top, Worthwhile, $1,095
Ron White Shana shoes, Gwynn’s, $545
Mad Made Metals earrings,, $92
Mad Made Metals malachite cuff,, $65
Naked Eyes Jewelry 40 Brass Cuff,, $125 

Own It!

For our fall fashion shoot, we wanted to feature women with curves so we partnered with stylist Andrea Serrano and did a casting call, asking women to tell us why they love their bodies and how they embrace their own style. We loved reading the responses we received and wanted to share the ones from the four women we selected to be models for the shoot.  

We loved how their photos turned out so much that we put them on the cover of our September issue as our way of celebrating all body types! Tell us why you love you body and how you embrace your style. Tag @skirtcharleston and use hashtag #Ownit on social. 

 “Round hips, over-average height and thick eyebrows weren’t always in style as I was growing into womanhood. Coming from a unique ethnic background, I had my share of challenges when it came to developing a personal style. But I’ve learned to love my body for what it allows me to do – with my strong arms and legs, I’ve built a business and a life that I am proud of.”
– Camila Craft 

 “I adore my lovely lady lumps. This body is a part of what makes me different, special and beautiful. It also inspires how I wear clothes. I love playing with color, prints and silhouettes that align with my voluptuous bohemian style. Dressing is all about the three C’s for me. Being comfortable in what complements keeps me confident.
– Tiffany Terry  

 “I love my body because I appreciate my outward love and support for not only myself, but others in my community. My style is heavily based on supporting local small business … I believe in embracing who you are, wherever you are in life and loving and truly caring for yourself, which is why I make the products I create. To love others is to love yourself.”
– Andrea Davis 

 “In college, I finally realized that I am allowed to love my body. I discovered that others opinions about it don’t matter and that I’m allowed to simultaneously feel beautiful, empowered, intelligent and confident (a lot of this mindset came from having some phenomenal female professors). I learned how to dress in a way that makes me feel comfortable without hiding myself. Most importantly, I’ve learned that I alone have control over my body and mind, and that my body type never has to speak for the kind of person that I am.”
 – Alexandra Hubbell