How to Make Your Summer Sizzle

Nothing makes summer sizzle like firing up the grill!  Here are some of our summertime favorites along with skirt!-tested tips for an easy and casual summer soirée.

Say Cheese
We can’t get enough of this pimento cheese recipe our editor Shelley’s cousin Susan has perfected after years of beach trips and tailgates.

Combine four cups shredded cheddar cheese (we suggest using two cups of cheddar and two cups of Velveeta shredded cheese), four ounces diced pimentos, two cups of Duke’s Mayonnaise (of course), salt and pepper to taste, and a pinch of sugar. Stir well. Best if made the day before serving.

Put a Stick in It
Slice a fresh cantaloupe in cubes. Wrap each cube with a thin slice of prosciutto. Stick with a festive toothpick and voila!

Fresh off the Boat
Four boat captains gather to sell the fresh crabs, shrimp and other seafood they caught earlier that day at Shem Creek Fisheries Seafood Market, 9 a.m. to noon, or when it sells out, at Moultrie Middle School Pavilion in Mount Pleasant. We also love Huff’s Seafood on Folly Road in James Island.

Tip: Soak a paper towel in vegetable oil and fold in half twice. Hold with tongs and rub it over your grill rack prior to placing your food to make sure it doesn’t stick.

Taste the Rainbow
Combine colorful seasonal fruits and veggies to create a palette for your palate.

Tip: A quick and safe way to make a kebab: Use a half an onion facing outside up as a skewer cushion. Place protein and veggies on top of the onion and stab through to skewer.

Butter Me Up
Grill your corn in the husks for the perfect tenderness and a built-in handle. Place fresh corn in the husk directly on rack and turn occasionally for about 15 minutes until it reaches desired tenderness. After the corn cools, pull back the husk and remove the silk. Roll in flavored butter (preferably barbecue).

Hot, Hot, Hot!
Allow your grill to get nice and hot for 15 to 25 minutes prior to cooking. Not only does preheating kill off bacteria, but the hot temps will sear your food on contact, keeping the inside nice and moist and giving your meal that delicious caramelized flavor.

Tip: According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, marinating poultry, fish and red meat can significantly reduce the amount of potentially harmful carcinogens.

Here Comes the Sun
Remember sun tea? Try this recipe from the folks at Charleston Tea Plantation. It’s perfect parts nostalgic and refreshing.  

Place tea bags in a large glass container and add water, using eight tea bags per gallon of water. Try Charleston’s Tea Plantation Plantation Peach or Rockville Raspberry. Cover the container and place it in the sun. Wait for the tea to steep. It will take at least two to three hours in the sun, depending on the type of tea and the temperature outside. Keep checking to see when the tea is desired color and flavor. Add sugar, lemon, honey or mint. Pour over ice and enjoy!