Summer for the Ages!

We created a road map for where to go and what to do to make summer 2018 the best ever. Are you a single 30-something ready to catch a wave and party at night? A 40-something with children looking for family-friendly activities to keep the kids entertained? Or a 50-plus empty-nester looking to slow down and relax? We’ve got you covered. Here’s to a groovy, awesome, dope summer!

Click image for the 50’s -60’s

Your kids have graduated and are out of the house. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have retired. You can rock on your porch, curl up with a book, sip a glass of wine and enjoy the summer breeze. Summer is about relaxing, taking it slow and spending time with friends and family. Stay cool and enjoy the good life!


Click image for the 40’s – 50’s

You’ve got little ones to keep entertained over the summer. Your ideal day is spent on the beach, by the pool or at the park where the kids can run free, and you can let loose. Jump in the water. Get sand in between your toes. Seek out places where no one will give you dirty looks if your children are loud – and you can enjoy an adult beverage. No need to stress. Nothing has to be perfect. It’s summertime. Good vibes only!


Click image for the 20’s – 30’s

It’s summertime, and that means adventure! You live for summer weekends spent at the beach or traveling to visit friends. You’re ready to catch a wave during the day and dance the night away to sultry tunes. Go ahead, live it up while you’re young.