Dylan Hearts Susan

Susan Norfleet is the face behind skirt! magazine’s social media presence. She’s our resident party planner. She also oversees circulation, making sure that the print magazine gets into your hands each month.

While it’s not officially part of her job description, Susan is the one who keeps the rest of us in the office feeling young. She’s the one who knows the best place to go for Sunday brunch, the best yoga class and the best place for happy hour on the beach. She’s been known to have an occasional side gig as a model for local designers and boutiques. She’s the most likely to one day be famous on Instagram. She exudes an easy, positive energy and people respond to it.

Susan considers herself pretty lucky because her position as marketing and circulation manager at skirt! is everything she ever wanted in one job.

“I love that it’s so girly,” she says. “We work with all women. It’s a very close office where we can share everything. It’s like working with your girlfriends.”

And she says, working in such a creative and supportive environment has taught her to expand her horizons and be more independent.

Dylan Roukous started selling sunglasses on the side while still studying marketing at Radford University in Virginia. After he graduated, he launched Nectar eyewear with with his buddy Sean Holmes.

Dylan quickly learned there was a market for branded eyewear at a relatively inexpensive price point. You lose them or break them, it’s not a big deal. Just buy some more. For every pair of glasses purchased, Nectar donates 33 honeybees to The Bee Cause, which populates bees in hives in schools around the world.

The business partners promote Nectar as a sunglasses company that embraces the beach lifestyle. “I’m a big believer that you have to live your brand,” says Dylan. The company’s taglines: Do epic shit and enjoy the sweet life. Made for the free thinkers and risk takers.

So, about three years ago, they moved the company to Charleston. “This place is dope. I’m happy we came down, for sure,” he says.

How they met:
One of Susan’s best friends who went to Radford with Dylan introduced the two. A few years later, Dylan noticed Susan on her friend’s SnapChat and the two reconnected. Dylan says he was attracted to Susan’s infectious smile.

They went hiking in Crabtree Falls outside of Richmond on their first date.

“We just wanted to go on an adventure together, something out of the norm,” Susan recalls. “We were kind of inseparable after that.”

And though Susan had never visited Charleston, it had always been on her to-do list. So, when Dylan started talking about relocating the business here, Susan never had any doubts.

“It felt like everything was falling into place. It was a no-brainer.”

Why they love summer:
Dylan and Susan love that the longer days and warmer air of summer encourage them to get out of their daily routines and seek new adventures. They enjoy surfing at the Washout on Folly Beach, going to see bands at The Pour House and walking their black lab, Harvey.

“It’s definitely the sweet life down here,” Dylan says.