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14 Valentine’s Day Gift Picks

14 Valentine’s Day Gift Picks

So we’ve probably all heard the gripes that Valentine’s Day is an overly commercialized holiday with a dark history of rather painful and downright bizarre sounding fertility rituals, but we’re still all out embracing the lovers’ holiday.  To be honest, these days we are jumping on any and every excuse to celebrate, shower our loved ones with gifts, and make a fuss to show our appreciation. That, and, online shopping is such a great distraction to break up the work day, particularly if you’re stuck at home.  Nothing wrong with a little retail therapy from time to time.  Here are 14 Valentine’s Day gift picks to treat all the lovers in your life, whether your main smooch, your galentines, or yours truly— heck, we all deserve some self-love, no holiday necessary!


For the Local Lover

Whether the giver or recipient is the local lover, a gift from a small or local business is generally considered a thoughtful choice and will likely be greatly appreciated, not only by your loved ones, but by your local establishments as well.  Especially as many small businesses have been struggling over the past year, choosing local will go a long way in showing support within your community.  We know Charleston is spoilt for choice when it comes to quality local finds, so we had a hard time picking for our list, but here are a few options we love:


1. A Cozy Chic Throw

Loomia Boho Linen & Turkish Cotton Throw, $59
Give the gift of comfort with this Boho Linen & Turkish Cotton Throw Blanket from The Loomia, a small family business in Mount Pleasant. We also love their oversized towels, which are pretty and versatile enough to double as light throws too! If you’re addicted to your Prime membership, they do have an Amazon store, but you’ll have to check back as they are currently sold out.  You can still buy direct from their site, and they’ll probably appreciate it more!



2. Striped Pig Vodka

Striped Pig Vodka, $27
Brighten spirits with a local vodka brought to you by Charleston’s first distillery since prohibition and SC Producer of the Year, Striped Pig Distillery.  Many of you may well know and love the Striped Pig’s lineup, and their Vodka is sure not to disappoint. 
Staying home?  Grab a bottle of peach Schnapps and add cranberry juice for a Woo Woo, or grapefruit juice for a Love Potion cocktail. 
Want to go a little extra?  Try Shine 24K Vodka with gold flakes.  Both products are available for purchase at the Distillery, where they’re offering 20% off bottle pickups for Valentine’s weekend with code VDAY.


3. Handmade Earrings from BR Design Co

BR Design Co Tierney Opal Print Earrings, $28
We’d be remiss not to include some jewellery in our list as, apparently, it is the number one gift given on Valentine’s Day. We love these handmade Tierney Opal Print Earrings (also in black and red) from Charleston sisters’ collab BR Design Co.
We adore the hearts for Valentine’s Day, but if it’s too cliché for you, they have plenty of inspired designs to choose from.




4. Seaberry Rose Clay Bath Bomb

Old Whaling Co Seaberry & Rose Clay Bath Bomb, $7
Instead of a bouquet of roses, gift a selection of goodies from Old Whaling Company, like this Seaberry and Rose Clay Bath Bomb, or this Floral Discovery Kit.
With roots in Charleston, this family owned brand prides itself on the high quality craftsmanship of their handmade products.





For the Spiritual, Mystical, and Woo Woo* Lover

*not the cocktail, though this may be a fitting choice for a V-Day tipple

Anyone else spent much of this pandemic deep diving into their inner world and focusing on self healing and development?  If not you, we’re sure someone in your life is embarking on an inner journey, shopping for crystals right now, or won’t start the day without consulting their horoscope first.  Here are some gifts that will show your support in their endeavors:


5. Human Design Chart Reading

Human Design Chart, or BodyGraph™, image from Jovian Archive
A Human Design chart reading just might be the perfect gift for the self discovery or personal development junkie in your life. What is Human Design exactly?  To massively over simplify, it’s like your personal horoscope or Myers-Briggs on steroids.  Bringing together principles of The I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics, Human Design is sure to delight any of your acquaintances, romantic or otherwise, you’ve heard mention things like “manifest,” “law of attraction,” “I’m a cancer rising moon in pisces,” or “when’s your exact birth time?”.
Especially for anyone looking to find and embrace a path of authenticity and personal integrity (also great for entrepreneurs), human design provides a blueprint to your unique design – who you came here to be and what makes you different from everyone else. Gain insights into your psychology, and learn how to make correct decisions for yourself, to lead a life with less resistance and greater fulfilment. 
Anyone can calculate their chart for free using their birth date, time, and place, but a reading will help you understand how to decipher what is essentially like the ultimate user manual for your life.  We recommend booking a heartfelt and insightful reading with Nova, who offers sliding scale pricing for a generous session and has glowing reviews as such:
I was completely stunned with Nova’s skill, accuracy, heart and her ability to hold the container for an experience that shifts awareness and consciousness. She is heart centered and extremely professional. She embodies her work with integrity and acumen. Working with her is like a breath of fresh air, a warm hug and a giant a-ha moment at the same time. I highly recommend her services without reservation and with utmost confidence and appreciation.
Interest piqued but on a super tight budget? Book a donations based reading with Robyn – full disclosure, you won’t get the level of skill or expertise as with someone like Nova, but you’ll get enough of the basics to see if you want to explore further (which, we’re pretty sure you will).

6. Vagrein: Seeking Ends When Sharing Begins

Paperback, $15 | Kindle Edition, $9.24
Described as a must read for anyone on a spiritual path, Vagrein is the compiled wisdom, assurance and love of the eponymous non-physical entity group, channeled through author JP Herman.
Published towards the end of 2020, this is a title even the most seasoned spiritualists are not likely to have on their bookshelves yet.  Reviews are glowing for what a beautiful, simple, yet profound book the author has put together.  Buy the Paperback or Kindle Edition.
Everything that you have been through will shortly be revealed to have been the training wheels for the tool that you will be. Your desire and passion and steadfastness in your moments of difficult emotion were not for nothing. . . many of you, before shattering those beliefs of what was possible or impossible, already knew what they no longer wanted to see as impossible. For this reason you can celebrate yourself. You can have faith that the course that you are charting for yourself is one that is conducive to your further expansion and growth in the direction that you desire. – VAGREIN

7. Tarot Deck

Mystic Mondays Tarot, $19.48
Whether your intended recipient is a novice or mystical master hand, we don’t think you can go wrong with a tarot deck.  Apparently the notion that you have to be gifted your first tarot deck to get started is a myth; but, true or not, that shouldn’t hold you back.  Kind of like shoes, sure, you may have your tried and true favorites, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy wearing other kicks from time to time, especially when your beloved pair gets worn out from so much use. 
We love the stunning images in this Deck for the Modern Mystic, created by multidisciplinary artist and visual designer Grace Duong. 
This Divine Feminine deck by Wife & Husband team Cocorrina is a little pricier, but we’re infatuated with their illuminated designs, and they have lots of other gorgeous goodies, like journals and prints, to shop for, too.



For the Work from Home Lover

If, like us, you didn’t think you’d be working from home quite as much or for quite as long, you may have overlooked your home office setup, or lack thereof.  Chances are, so has a special someone in your life.  We’ve picked a few simple additions that can make for a happier and healthier working environment:


8. Ember Mug

Ember Temperature Control Mug in Copper, $129.95
A perfect gift for the ever distracted, the mug misplacers, and the slow sippers, spare a few trips to the microwave so you can work away and keep your warm drinks warm with the Ember Mug.  Customize the temperature to your liking, and enjoy your bevvie from first sip to last drop.  Go with the original Black or White, or choose from the metallics, like this copper version.  (They do have travel mugs, too).





9. Laptop Riser

Soundance Laptop Stand, $38.99
Help yourself or a loved one spruce up their space with this gold laptop riser (also available in other colors).  While it will help keep work surface clutter at bay, this baby is not just a space saver for those with limited desk real estate.  Using a laptop riser helps to ensure a more ergonomic setup, so you can reduce neck, shoulder, and back tension caused by hunching over your screen; reduce screen glare to prevent eye strain and headaches; and keep your laptop from overheating.
Bonus feature, reviews say this one is also feline approved and kitties will enjoy the new space with built in personal heater.  If you like this setup, be sure to check out options for  a wireless keyboard, mouse, and desk phone holder.



10. Fuzzy Slippers

WaySoft Fluffy Fuzzy Slippers, $49.45
Spending more time in the house means more time for slippers, and if your loved one is a homebody, there’s a good chance they may have worn through a pair or two over the past year.  These WaySoft slippers (a dupe for these fluffy Uggs which seem to be in short supply) look superbly comfy and let the toes breathe. (Try this pair for a more budget friendly lookalike).
If you prefer to go with the heart theme, without skimping on quality, try these Haflinger’s Wool Felt Slippers.  After a more minimalist look? For a simple, yet sleek and versatile pair, there’s always Mahabis.


11. Anti-Fog Blue Light Glasses

LifeArt Anti-Fog Blue Light Blocking Glasses, $23.75
More time spent on screens for both working and socializing can put a huge strain on the eyes.  Protect your beloved’s precious peepers with a pair of blue light blocking frames.  LifeArt has a selection of styles to choose from, including the option to add magnification.  This pair is anti-fog, which may come in handy if being used while wearing a mask. 
Need prescription glasses? Warby Parker will add blue light protection to any frame for $50, with or without prescription.  They will also send you 5 pairs to try at home for free, so your loved one can choose whichever latest style they prefer from the comfort of their couch.



For the Health & Fitness Lover

You and your loved ones are perfect just the way you are, but we think showing your support for someone’s health and fitness goals can still be an admirable choice of gift.  Just keep in mind the Peleton ad debacle of 2019 before giving a fitness related item, especially on Valentine’s Day.  For a new relationship, if you’re unsure, maybe stick with a more traditional gift.  If you know your beloved is a gym junkie or wants to become one, here are some options we love:


12. FITGIRL Resistance Bands

FITGIRL Nonslip Mini Resistance Bands Set, $19.99
Resistance bands are a great way to enhance workouts, whether for a newbie or powerlifter in the making, and are easily tucked away at home or in a gym bag.  Made by women, these FITGIRL resistance bands are designed in a non-slip fabric, so no annoying rolling and snapping that frequently accompanies silicone bands. 
Stuck at the desk all day?  Pop one on every so often and squeeze some squats and side steps into your schedule.  Available in a set of 3 mini bands of different resistance levels, as well as in a wider hip band with a choice of resistance levels for the hip thruster fanatic.


13. HydroJug

HydroJug Valentine’s Bundle, $71.95
Fitness guru or not, staying hydrated is important. Help your loved ones up their water intake and keep their thirst at bay all day long with one of these dishwasher safe half gallon jugs.  A single bottle is around $20, and there are a number of colors to choose from. 
Want to gift multiples, or keep one for yourself?  Choose the Valentine’s Bundle— you can customize your bundle, so doesn’t really matter who you’re shopping for, you can find the style you want.


14. A Home Workout Program

Fyt At Home Program, $20
These days getting into your local gym may or may not be possible, so instead of leaving your loved ones scouring Instagram and YouTube for free fitness videos, why not gift them an actual home fitness program from a certified trainer that will help them progress and see gains over the course of several weeks. Even better, support a local personal trainer, as many have been unable to see clients or get into the gyms themselves.
We love this Fyt At Home program from Charleston trainer @RachylFyt.  It requires no equipment, so no additional purchases necessary to get started, and it can be completed in your own time, so no need to worry about schedule conflicts.



That wraps up our list.  We hope you and yours enjoy a very special Valentine’s Day and know you are so loved.  Be sure to share your Valentine’s Day picks with us and let us know how you’re celebrating @skirtcharleston.  Happy gifting! 


Looking for ideas on how to spend Valentine’s Day?  Be sure to check out our selection of things to do and options for heated outdoor dining.

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