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Must Haves To Brighten Spirits

Must Haves To Brighten Spirits

Although, last year was a difficult one for most, we are feeling a renewed faith and strength of spirit in this new year. Here are a few or our favorite novelty gifts, sure to brighten spirits and possibly get a few laughs.



Food Socks, by Rainbow Socks
We just can’t get enough of this gag gift from Rainbow Socks. They’ve come up with an entire collection of food items all packaged as though you ordered some take out. From burgers to fries, sushi and chocolate bars. This delicious gift idea comes perfectly packaged, no matter your taste!


The Original Wine Condom, by Wine Condoms
Protect your wine with this unique covering that was Invented by a mother son duo. The Wine Condom has shrink to fit technology that allows you to seal up almost any opened bottle, creating a water-tight and air-tight seal that is fully reusable! No need to buy separate bottle stoppers for different sized bottles, this is an all in one solution for storing your opened beverages, wine and more. The tight seal keeps oxygen out and liquid in, providing the ultimate spill protection while sealing in freshness. It is 99.9% effective preventing unplanned spills screw the cork.


Light Up Electronic Word Clock, by Sharper Image
The Sharper Image Word Clock Office Decor is the new way to tell time. Doubling as both a clock and an accent piece, the clock features a beautiful finish, generous yet compact desktop size, and a trendy design that features clusters of letters. At first glance it might look like a word search puzzle, but when the LED display lights up, it becomes clear that it’s not just a novel modern sculpture, but a functional clock. Surprise!



Wine Cork Holder, Letter S, by Will’s
A great personalized gift for the wine enthusiast! Display and share wine corks collected through the years. These personalized metal monogram letters can also be used for several other unique applications: Festive decorations, monogram wall décor, shadow box items, planters or pots, wreath making, shell collections or keepsakes. The perfect gift to get creative with!



Empowering Question Cards, by Sunny Present Store
These beautifully illustrated cards with empowering getting to know yourself questions are the perfect gift to up spirits! Open the pack and discover all the self help questions. The pictures on the cards depicts colorful doors in Tallinn, Estonia. These doors represents your inner world and a deeper insight of who you really are!

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