March Don’t Skirt the Issue

Illustration by Daniel Velasco

Think Equal

Listen to those who have had different experiences.
Read and educate yourself about untold stories of the past.
Ask questions about who is left out and why.
Challenge what you’ve heard before.
Strive to be inclusive.
Help amplify all women’s voices.
Remove obstacles and barriers.
Lift up other women.
Push for and create equal access and equal opportunities.
Ask women to join you. There is strength in numbers.
Hire and promote women, if you’re in a position to do so.
Pay them what they are worth.
Nominate them to hold leadership positions.
Honor women for their achievements.
Spend money at women-owned businesses
Support women-led creative endeavors.
Invest in women.
Vote for them.
Value intuition and collaboration.
Embrace your own feminine energy.
Use your power.
Strive for balance.
Balance is better for everybody.


– Shelley Hill Young