Local, Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Door


Let’s be honest. We often don’t feel like we have time to prepare a healthy meal when we get home from work or after a long day caring for our children. But the responsibility for meal planning for the family often falls to us.

There’s also the times when we’ve gone without lunch or made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the office because we didn’t want to take the time to leave our desks and walk down the block to order a salad.

But we do enjoy eating a satisfying and healthy meal, and we know it makes us feel strong and focused.

So we were really curious about two local meal delivery businesses that offer to help make those busy, stressful days and weeks a little easier.

We sampled meals from Fuel in Motion and Fit and Fresh. Both started to help their clients meet their weight-loss goals and teach people that healthy food can taste good, but they also cater to busy working women and families.

Here’s what we learned: The experience was convenient. The prices are not as expensive as we expected. Neither service is much more expensive than going out to eat at a restaurant. And, most importantly, the food was really fresh and satisfying. We’re wondering why we didn’t try this sooner. Don’t get us wrong, we’ll still order pizza or pick up our favorite takeout every now and then, but we’re happy to know that these local services provide another option for having a healthy meal.

Fuel in Motion
Cafe located in Seaside Farms Shopping Center, 1313 Long Grove Drive, Mount Pleasant.

We tried: Thai cashew salad; greek chicken wrap; curried chicken salad; turkey sweet potato shepherd’s pie; coconut lime, blueberry lemon, and coffee cranberry almond butter and chocolate peanut butter energy bites; gluten-free blueberry and peanut butter chocolate oatmeal muffins. We loved that our meals were all packed with fresh and colorful vegetables.

Our favorites: Thai cashew salad, curried chicken salad, the energy bites and the chocolate oatmeal muffins

How it works: Fuel in Motion delivers individual servings of breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Friday. You can choose from the healthy menu or the paleo menu. There’s also a family-style menu that features casseroles, lasagnas, soups, stuffed peppers, stuffed potatoes, salads and breakfast  that serve four to six people. The menu changes weekly. You can sign up for an email list to receive the upcoming week’s menu. Or you can visit the website. Place your order by 9 a.m. for delivery the following day. There is no minimum order.

Delivery: Meals are delivered 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Monday through Friday. For residential deliveries, leave a cooler with ice next to your door if you will not be at home.

How much it costs: $8.50 to $12.50 per individual meals and $25 to $40 for family meals. There is a $1-$3 delivery charge, depending on your location.

For the holidays: Fuel in Motion will feature cranberry pumpkin bread and gingerbread loaves on the menu. You’ll also be able to order traditional, vegetarian, vegan and paleo sides for your holiday dinner.


Fit and Fresh

We tried: Carrot cake waffles with turkey sausage and maple cream cheese glaze, turkey lasagna with roasted cauliflower and tahini sauce, chicken fajita stuffed peppers, chicken waldorf salad in lettuce wraps, bison burger, chocolate almond bark, chocolate chip cookies and energy bites. We loved all the options for sides, including roasted potatoes, corn on the cob, cucumber salad and fruit.

Our favorites: Carrot cake waffles, turkey lasagna, bison burger and the chocolate almond bark

How it works: Visit the website and search for an entree you’d like to order. You can filter your search based on dietary needs, allergies and your protein choice. Once you select an entree, build a meal by selecting your portion size — individual, mini or family — and two side dishes. Nutritional information is available for each item. The website also indicates how long each item is available.

Delivery: Meals are delivered in a cooler bag. The bag requires a $35 deposit and can be reused each week. Deadline for ordering is 2 p.m. Wednesday for the following Monday. Meals are delivered between 4 and 7:30 a.m. You can choose to receive meal deliveries once or twice a week. Delivery charge is $10 per week.

How much it costs: Five to nine meals a week are $11 each. There’s a discount the more meals you order per week and when you order two weeks in advance. Family meals are $45 each for one meal a week with discounts the more meals you order. A la carte snacks are sold separately.

For the holidays:
Fit and Fresh is delivering holiday dinners including turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce and your choice of four sides and one dessert. Dinners serve eight to 10 people, or order a half-dinner for four to five people. There are three delivery time slots for Thanksgiving Day, depending on your location.