Don’t Skirt the Issue – November 2019- Don’t Be Afraid to Flex, Ladies

By Paula Dezzutti

SSometimes I feel as though I won’t be able to manage one more thing; too much has been asked of me or too much has been taken from me. And then I immediately hear my grandma’s voice, reminding me that “God will never give you a cross that is too heavy to bear!” It may be an old adage, but there’s a lot of truth in this simplistic and encouraging statement. And if you want to play with the big boys, sometimes you will have to engage in processes that are not for the weak of heart. This is just me speaking from my experiences here, but there have been many times I have been so disrespected and treated like I was inherently weak or less than, simply because I was the woman at a table of all men.

Being a woman in business is like the fitness and strength training we’ve all come to appreciate for the health benefits. Nowadays, it is a much more common understanding that it takes muscle fatigue to get stronger. So be honest with yourself ——are you using your heavy weights for quick bulk or the lighter weights for lean length?

I think my success stems from doing both consistently. I happen to be part of the inner circle Platinum Team Partners of Tony Robbins, whom I believe is one of the greatest motivational speakers and self-help authors of all time. He asked me if I knew, in a rep of 12 bicep curls, which was the rep that made the muscle get larger. I thought I was being smart when I knowingly replied with the number 12. He shook his head and smirked, “It’s 13.” At times like this, we must choose the strength of our own powers within. That’s what sets us apart from the ordinary.

Prepare tools in advance to help get you through the tough times, just like you prepare healthy snack foods while dieting so when you are hungry you won’t give into temptation. Make a mantra your cheat food and keep it in a space where you can devour it often. I keep this one by my bathroom sink:

Nothing too great can be asked of me, for I am an endless source of strength. I am a powerful force for the natural will of this universe. Nothing that was mine to begin with, such as hope, courage and faith, can be taken from me. I am direct life source. As I remember the connection to my source of strength and get out of my own way, I become calm and see new possibilities for the life ahead of me. I am a mountain of strength, a river of faith and a cosmos of love that will set my course in action.

Bernard M. Baruch made his fortune on Wall Street, but he said he received his greatest satisfaction in life for his service to his country as an economic adviser during both World Wars I and II and as a confidante to six presidents. He beautifully stated: The art of living lies less in eliminating our troubles than in growing with them.

I ask you to use this as your barometer today. Are you taking your strength training program seriously?

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