Candice Herriott


Candice Herriott was recruited 12 years ago to move to Charleston for her job as a hair stylist, and a few years later she bought the business and renamed it; Article 5 Salon located at 320 King St.  Daily conversations with her clients revolved consistently around 3 topics: family, food and travel. Being a food lover, home cook, gardener and international traveler led her to begin the food blog: Charleston Food Writer. She continues styling her clients and talking about food during the day and dining on the best food in the city by night…and greatly enjoys blogging about her food adventures! She and her 3 1/2 year old daughter (who aspires to be a food blogger, like her mother) reside on James Island.

facebook: chsfoodwriter
instagram: @Chsfoodwriter
twitter: @chsfoodwriter