Her Point of View: Press for Progress

In honor of our “A Women’s World” issue for Women’s History Month, we asked: What do you think is the most important issue facing women today?

“The lack of leadership roles for women in the judicial system, Fortune 500 companies, technology and media are the biggest issues facing women and girls.”
Elonda Fair O’Neill, Esquire
Chair, YWCA Board of Directors


“The issue hasn’t changed.  We have more opportunities and a larger platform in which to advocate for ourselves, but having it all still comes at a price.  As a mother, wife, student and woman in business, there are higher demands on conventional norms. Unfortunately, we as women demand more of ourselves and others because of the standards imposed by society that don’t apply to men.”
Frances Santiago
Executive Assistant, Trident Medical Center
Center for Women Board Member


“We can all name issues that are important to women today: income inequality, gender bias, access to healthcare… the list goes on. The challenge now is to maintain the momentum and continue to grow ourselves personally and professionally as a whole, so the issues become stepping stones instead of deterrents.”
– The Center for Women staff


“The biggest issue(s) women face today is to understand that the work toward equality is not yet done, which includes honoring that women can write their own story and be believed, knowing that women must have control over their bodies, and ownership of their selves to ultimately deconstruct their internalized oppression.
– The graduating seniors of the Women’s and Gender Studies program at the College of Charleston:
Chloe Bekham, Kate Cockerham, Rachael Dickey, Dari Goldman, Zoe Grimm, Carly Lewis, Rafael Navas, Jessica Rogerson, Cora Webb and their professor as scribe: Kris De Welde


“The most important issue is being able to come together as a community of women in an intersectional way. It’s really important to be able to voice our differences and be able to listen to each other and to make room for each other’s stories. … We need to be able to make our voices heard. We can be louder, without necessarily becoming bullies about it.”
McKayla Robbin
Graduate student and poet


“I think the biggest issue women have today is still equality and respect. Women with full-time jobs still earn only about 75 to 80 percent of their male counterparts’ earnings. WHAT???  The crime of us not being seen as equal counterparts to males in society is beyond comprehension in 2018. We have to do better.”
Libby Williams
Photographer and blogger


“The biggest issue facing women today is lack of respect.  Respect covers all the issues that most of us deal with on a daily basis like the wage gap, sexual harassment and even having to convince men that we are actually facing these things even if they don’t see it. [Eye roll]”
Kelley Wilds


“The biggest issue facing women today … is the lack of enlightened maternity and family leave policies in many workplaces, and the challenge to find affordable, quality childcare and preschool.  Studies have shown that the childbearing years is generally when women’s salaries drop off in comparison to men.  If women become more valued by their employers while having the resources to properly care for their children, it will help to close the wage gap and support their ability to build wealth.”
Katherine Hanson
Business owner and blogger