Headline: Unplug and put pen to paper

Sending a quick text or email might be easy, but there’s nothing like sending a handwritten note to show your thoughtfulness and appreciation. Next time you need to say “thank you,” “get well soon,” “I love you” or simply “Hey, how are you?” find a beautifully designed note card and put pen to paper.

Aly Murphy, a skirt! blogger and founder of Murphy’s Manners, shares some of her tips for composing a thoughtful handwritten thank-you note:

Handwritten notes can be used for more than thanking someone for a gift. You can also send a note to show appreciation for the intangibles such as thoughtfulness, generosity, time or trouble one went through to give the gift.

Find stationary you love.

Start with a digital draft so that you don’t waste any of your good stationary with mistakes. Then, write your note by hand.

Write the way you talk and add a personal touch so that the message sounds personal and not scripted.

Never start with, ‘”Thank you for ….” Instead try something like: “Mom, I can’t believe you went through all the trouble to find the perfect.”

Be sure to describe how you’ll use the gift.

End the note by mentioning the future and a time you hope to get together.
Some of our favorite places to find notecards that make a statement:

Lily Charleston, 196 King St., lilycharleston.com

Mac & Murphy, 74.5 Cannon St., www.macandmurphy.com

SAS-E Ink Paper and Press, 219 Calhoun St., saseink.com

The Scratch Pad, 409 Mill St., Mount Pleasant, thescratchpad.com

Ink Meets Paper, inkmeetspaper.com

Texture Design Co., texturedesignco.com


Emily McCarthy Trunk Show

Noon to 4 p.m. Oct. 8 at The Skinny Dip

Emily McCarthy, a lifestyle designer who lives in Savannah, Georgia, visits The Skinny Dip Charleston. Emily’s note cards, invitations, guest towels, cocktail napkins and other lifestyle products are designed for gift-givers, party-throwers, thank-you-note writers and, most importantly, treasurers of a life worth celebrating.

Wi-Fi-Free Zone
Need a quiet place to read or write without being tempted by technology? Kudu Coffee at 708 King St. doesn’t have Wi-Fi, but it does have a lovely courtyard.