Wake Up!

Mornings can be pretty rushed. Dogs need to be walked. Children need to be dressed and lunches packed. Adults have to be showered and ready for work. Carpool schedules have to be confirmed. What’s the plan for dinner? If you’re lucky, you grab a travel mug of coffee or an energy bar as you check your text messages from your boss or your mom on the way out the door. When things go smoothly, when you don’t forget anything and you get out the door on time, you feel like you can conquer whatever life throws at you the rest of the day. And on those rare occasions, when you can savor a moment of quiet, of stillness, before the day gets started, well, those mornings are magnificent indeed. Here are our suggestions for how you can enjoy your mornings and feel refreshed, not frazzled, no matter what time your alarm goes off or how many times you hit the snooze button.


“You snooze, you loose”

You’re up before the sun, so why not greet it with a few deep breaths and a smile? Sneak in a few minutes outside to watch the sunrise before anyone else gets up; add a few fresh berries to your yogurt (don’t forget the granola); and practice a couple of yoga poses to keep that positive energy flowing.

Clean out your email clutter while there are no distractions. Most people are just getting out of bed, but you already feel a sense of major accomplishment!

If you have young children, spend 20 minutes of quality time playing before they have to go to school and you have to go to work. What better way to improve your mood than by being silly and re-establishing that connection with your children?


“One snooze won’t hurt.”

You could sleep another hour, but pledge to get up earlier at least once a week to get in a quick run. Your head will be so much clearer, and you’ll feel more relaxed as you start your day.

Don’t just grab something as you run out the door — again. Take the time to make a smoothie and get in an extra serving of fruits and vegetables.

Take a little extra time to blow out your hair or put on a new pair of shoes to put a little extra spring into your step.


“Snooze? Yes, please!”

You’re one of the lucky ones. You don’t have to clock into work by 9 a.m. You make your own schedule. But you don’t want to waste half the day away, either. Schedule a coffee meeting or a conference call in the morning so you have a reason to wake up, get a shower and get going.

On the days when you don’t have an early morning appointment, make an omelet with leftover vegetables for breakfast.

You have flexibility. Get outdoors for your workout: Bike to the beach before it gets too hot. There’s nothing more inspiring than getting your blood pumping.