Skirt.Networking – Teresa “Sweet T” Parrish

By Teri Errico Griffis

Music is the only thing that has ever completely fulfilled Teresa “Sweet T” Parrish, so why wouldn’t she pursue it as her career?

“To be honest, I wouldn’t be great at a job unless I was one hundred percent invested. I knew I had to find a way to make [music] a job,” she said.

Parrish tried a number of different professional roles prior to making music full-time, hoping they’d give her time to play. “No other job will buy you time. Find a way to do what you love, and live modestly until you get there,” she advised.

The singer-songwriter, who serenades locals at familiar favorites such as the Folly Beach Crabshack, Loggerhead’s and the Charleston Night Market, released her debut EP Smile, Smile, Smile this year. Her harshest critic? Her 27-year-old self.

“Doubt, worry, and fear stalled my progress more back then. But the more times I said yes and picked up my guitar, the more I was led to having the confidence I do now,” she said. “Making a living playing music is my dream coming to life. Sometimes I’m onstage, and I can’t believe I made it happen.”

What will keep pushing her to achieve even bigger goals in the industry? According to Parrish, the mindset to “just dive in” and these words of wisdom: “The best advice I ever received was, ‘Darling, the only way to play music is to play music.’”


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