Skirt.Networking – Iskra Perez Salcedo



by Teri Errico Griffis

Iskra Perez Salcedo’s business happened by chance. As a corporate accountant, she was often asked by friends and family to help with taxes and soon noticed a need in the Hispanic community for someone who understood their lives and spoke their language. Thus, IPS Accounting Services was born.

Initially a part-time endeavor, Salcedo made it official three years later when her full-time role was eliminated. She had the choice—either find a new role or grow IPS and help people—and passion ruled in the latter’s favor.

“I took a leap! And it was a big one,” she said with a laugh. “If I didn’t do it then, when was I going to? I was almost fifty years old, and it was a combination of a need I saw in the market and God’s timing coming together.”

Her clients grew from church members to bookkeeping for businesses, and, in time, she even founded Hispanic Women Entrepreneurs of SC, a self-development group that helps Hispanic women develop leadership skills.

All her success, however, is only secondary in her eyes to her children. “I didn’t have the opportunity to go to college right after I finished high school,” she said. “But I went back ten years later when I had two small children—and I got pregnant along the way. Finishing school was huge. My mind was set on getting an education because I knew that would be the best way I could provide for my children.



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