Skirt.Networking- Business as Usual

By Teri Errico Griffis

Groove Girl Consignments recently featured a funky, soft purple sweater for sale that said Good Days Only. It’s an optimistic mindset for anyone, and it perfectly sums up the bubbly disposition of owner Lisa Blalock.

Before going into business, Blalock had the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom. Following a divorce, she had a desire to get back into the workforce “doing something [she’d] always loved.” The entrepreneur pursued her passion for fashion —which clearly shows, right down to the tape dispenser on her desk in the shape of a shoe—and opened the doors of Groove Girl Consignments in Mount Pleasant.

While she said raising her two sons has been her greatest accomplishment, sustaining a retail business—an industry known to have highs and lows—as a single mom is just as incredible. Blalock claimed to owe a great deal to her own mother. “My mother taught us to be honest, to work hard, to try new things and to never, ever ruin your credit!” she said.

If Blalock could pass along any advice of her own to other female entrepreneurs, it would be to work hard in spite of naysayers. ” Life is short,” she added, “so follow your passion. You only go around once, so go for your dream!”


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