Skirt.Networking – Ashley Veach

 By Teri Errico Griffis

It’s not uncommon to experience moments of needing more in life. While many people shrug off the notion and return to their routine, Ashley Veach acted on it, opening Salt Spa and Yoga.

“I sold my home, and I invested the money to finally take the next step in my life,” said Veach of her King Street business, which offers affordable massages, yoga and wellness for the community.

Several months ago, the entrepreneur launched a second dream—her app, GroupE, which locates live music in any city for local music lovers. App users can request songs, tip musicians and feel good about giving back to school music programs. Veach’s intent is to support musicians who must take on other work to pay bills, rather than focusing on their art. “This app will hopefully bring in enough money for them to make it,” she said.

Veach owes her dreams coming true to her two biggest sources of inspiration: her laptop, which she affectionately called her ride-or-die, and Oprah. “I have always looked up to Oprah, coming from hard circumstances in life and really making it as a humanitarian and entrepreneur in this world,” she explained.

“If you want something else in life, envision it, and I promise it will happen! It amazes me, the things that have happened after I set an intention for it,” she added.


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