My wardrobe is simple and it has remained the same for years. It is basic. Its all about being comfortable yet put together. I can describe it in seven main staple pieces and it should cover just about my entire closet. Black dresses (most likely close to 20) I have a little black dress for every kind of excursion. Jeans. Black pants (because everything looks a little nicer with a good pair of black dress pants)! Black T-shirts (and) white T-shirts. Black blazers. Grey blazers (they look great with black pants) lol! I have a few random items like a block print and multi-color dress, some navy dresses, navy T-shirts and a few Lily Pultizer dresses (that seem like they wouldn’t be my style-yet I love them). I have about six pairs of black heels, a few black flats and one pair of super shiny gold shoes that I feel like a rock star when I wear them. I mix high end pieces of clothes and accessories that I buy at Saks with Target specials and items from TJ Maxx. The great thing about basics are that you can easily mix and match them all together.

My mother asked me a few years ago, “when are you going to be over this: black phase?!?!” No doubt she was annoyed at my honest and simple response, “Mom, I’ve been dressing like this for a long time. After 20 years, I think its safe to say, THIS IS MY STYLE AND NOT A PHASE!”


It’s the same whether I have a board of directors meeting, event at my daughter’s school, date night with my fiancée, work meeting, photo shoot on a farm or in a restaurant. I usually dress the same. I love my style. Any time I’ve tried to deviate, I feel like I need to change back to my regular clothes right away, because I don’t feel like my true self. It feels like a lie. However once I am back in my trusty old faithful attire-I feel ready to conquer the world or could be content and enjoy curling up on my couch at home reading a book.

My home decor and goods are very similar. Tan and brown living room furniture, grey desk, white plates, clear canning jars for drinking glasses-because they are so much sturdier than regular glassware, also we have an abundance of them (because I can jelly). We use what we have on hand-which is great when we have parties because everyone can be spared drinking out of plastic cups! My serving ware is a mixture of solid white or black platters and utensils are a mix match collection of real silver pieces that I’ve randomly picked up over the years at antique stores, yard sales and thrift shops.

My home decor and wardrobe style are very basic and simple. I know that it might seem boring to some, but its comfortable and makes sense to me. After 20-plus years of it, I embrace that it is not a phase. LOL. No-one else needs to understand it. It’s mine. And just as much as I could never wear a bright hot pink dress (because it is not me) I love seeing other people rock it and own it! That’s the beauty of personal style-we each have our own and celebrate it differently! Just as my daughter wants to be allowed to wear a super hero mask and cape with her outfit as we are about to go out shopping (and I want to eye roll the situation) but allow to her to do it…even though I don’t understand her deep desire to wear it-we each have our own vision of what we like and a reason for it. She had no explanation other than, she really liked it. Who am I, to tell her: no?!?! No one else needs to get it. #whateveryourstyleownit

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