Hey there.

My name is Paula Dezzutti, playfully called, “Pixie Paula” and I couldn’t be more delighted to share my home, my heart and my magic with you all. When I left the sleepy woods of Litchfield, Connecticut almost 15 years ago, I never imagined that the rich education and culture I garnered in the North would prepare my spirit perfectly for its journey as an empowered media entrepreneur in the South.

I came to Charleston with over three decades of expertise in real estate, financial planning and investment advisory services positioning myself as major shareholder, brand manager, and director on the board of a cutting-edge technology company that I drove tirelessly for a decade to enhance the hospitality industry. As an ordained minister, I quickly became immersed in the spirit of southern charm and partnered with amazing people who were taking bold positions on raising awareness for social responsibility. I became a mentor and sponsor for several local entrepreneur groups, was elected to the Charleston Interreligious Council board of directors, became a sponsoring partner of The Sophia Institute and wrote for Entrepreneur Mind World. My motto: Diversity, Divinity, and Disruption!

For a while now I’ve been playing in industries that have historically been a man’s playground, edging my nose forward delicately to assuage the fears of those who feel challenged by contemporary viewpoints and the growing awareness of an evolved universal consciousness. With great mourning, those who are immutable, rigid, and resistant to change are falling away from positions of patriarchal leadership. No more “pot calling the kettle black” projections from outdated bullying leadership, for the time is ripe for every woman to add greater dimension to intellectual standards, to the quality of reasoning, and to critical thinking. It’s impossible for feminine innovation to go unnoticed and I for one am tired of “being hushed”, so I invite everyone to bring on their “Pixie Power” as together we embrace fashion, fun, family and our formidable future.

After learning the lay of the Charleston land, I had the opportunity to “step outside the box” again, transcending the ordinary models in the music, entertainment and celebrity branding fields. According to Hip Hop Weekly and World Star Hip Hop, I’ve become one of the most sought-after brand builders in the US. Often, I am asked to be a guest speaker covering the release of my book, Open Your G.I.F.T.S., co-authored with Kim Coles, the legendary comedienne from “In Living Color”. What a privilege to share words of inspiration and dialogue on the concept of INTENTION and how it manifests each of our own personal worlds into a collective of community for the greater good.

What exciting times for all of us in the branding and media world. My empowered woman’s story has been featured in The Huffington Post, USA Magazine, Yahoo Finance, Dow Jones Market Watch and I’ve spoken at The American Distilling Conference, The American Beverage Consortium, The Los Angeles Brand Innovation Summit and The Confidence Factor for Women. But if you ask me about my greatest honor, it’s being coined “Hip-Hop Grandma” because alongside my career, I was privileged to give birth to 9 amazing personalities who also graced me with 5 grandchildren…so far! None of this would be worth anything without them and every day I give thanks for having them in my world. As a family we will continue to share our journey with the world and our hope is you all become part of our family.

With my kids at the helm and at my side, I became one of the very few female-owned, family-run distilleries in the world—right here in Charleston. As CEO of Local Choice Spirits and the Striped Pig Distillery, I launched a game-changing strategic vision as a premiere turn-key incubator for the billion-dollar beverage industry. Our proprietary brand development and distribution platform combines the strength of award winning super-premium boutique craft spirits with experienced industry professionals and top-notch celebrity artists, all the while collaborating with local businesses on community initiatives and fundraisers through a pioneering beverage loyalty initiative.

Striped Pig Distillery is Charleston’s first distillery since Prohibition, the only female owned distillery in the area, and was recently awarded ‘South Carolina Distillery of the Year’ yet again locally and at the New York International Spirits Awards boasting more than 50 awards at the most prestigious blind tasted world spirits competitions.

My recent program launch, Music, Media and Magic, featured on 92.5 Kickin’ Country, unites local radio, TV, news outlets and social media to promote local artists and host events that highlight the outstanding talent pool saturating the greater Charleston area. With a group of women who have seamlessly passed the baton of notable accomplishments, nothing could be more fitting than becoming the owner of Skirt Magazine during its 25th anniversary commemoration. As CEO and Editor-In-Chief I am left filled to the brim with enthusiasm for an illuminated future that I hope is contagious! We are stronger than ever now and we must remember that miracles do not intensify our faith, but faith intensifies our miracles. So, here’s to the next 25 miraculous years of Skirt!

Paula Dezzutti,

CEO and owner , Skirt magazine