Honoring Our Innate Capacity To “Mother”

Honoring Our Innate Capacity To “Mother”

By: Emily Cassel

I am not a mother, in a traditional sense, meaning that I have not given birth to a human child.


But what I see in myself and in all of the incredible women I have coached and known personally is that we each have an innate capacity to mother — to nurture growth, to hold life-giving space, and to be a vessel for creative energy to move through us.


Whether the object of our mothering is a child, a business, a friend, a broken heart, a family member, ourselves, a beautiful meal, a fur baby, a cause, a painting, a home, a plant, or any of the innumerable possibilities, it is equally valuable and necessary.  


The essence of the feminine energy within all of us is our ability to fully embody love — to BE love — which is inherently transformational, magnetic, and invites the highest potential out of any situation.


When we take this approach to creating our lives, our work, and our relationships with intention, everything we do becomes an act of mothering, and an opportunity to be a stand for love in this world.


In my work as a leadership & business coach, I often speak to women entrepreneurs about launching & growing their businesses using soulful strategies that work for them and with them as a woman, instead of against them, by finding ways to honor their innate feminine wisdom in their approach to their unique definitions of success.


One of the first things I share with my clients is the metaphor of “birthing” a business, versus “starting” a business.


A business is something that isn’t “born” overnight; rather, it requires patience, unconditional love, and devotion.


Businesses, like any long-term pursuit, are to be mothered by us as women, as our natural instincts point us toward progress through fierce love instead of being harsh with ourselves or others.


Through this lens, we remember our innate power, potential, and the beauty of the feminine perspective.


It’s not that “mothering” is the only thing that can validate you as a woman; there are many ways to express as a woman, and each of them is beautiful, powerful, and needed in our world.  


But this is one aspect that I find a lot of women who are not “mothers” to children forget about ourselves, leaving a part of us feeling unexpressed and unfulfilled.


Without this awareness about our innate feminine wisdom to mother, we can become disconnected, cold, closed, and hardened, which dismembers our full power and potential.


Most people believe that in order to be a “powerful woman,” we have to withhold love, vulnerability, and softness, shutting off our emotions for the sake of powering through, doing #allthethings, and achieving success.


But really, being a “powerful woman” means being fully connected to all aspects and expressions of yourself, and fully embodied in your softness and strength. It means learning to be at home in, and to play with, your feminine energy.


Your ability to dance in the fullness of your emotions, the depth of your heart, and the callings of your soul is what makes you truly powerful and influential.


When we embrace the value of our innate capacity to mother through all that we do and create, we reclaim the fullness of ourselves and recognize the beauty and uniqueness of being a woman, with the beautiful gift of nourishing feminine energy to share with everything and everyone we come into contact with.

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