Friendship & Fearlessness


I am not fearless by nature and I am never fearless alone.


That’s what drives my fearlessness.

That’s what drives my ability to believe in myself.

My ability to think beyond my imagined limitations.

My ability to dream beyond my wildest dreams.

Friends see things in me before I do.

Friends see in me what I don’t always see.

They are present, they are distant.

But they are always there.

And they tell me what they see.

They hold the mirror when I have forgotten to reflect.

They push and pull when I hesitate.

They magnify the ideas I can barely envision.

They help me imagine possibilities that seem impossible.

Fearless Friends.

They are my blessing.









English is a Charleston native who took a break from career to renovate the historical family home her great grandparents built.  That adventure led to the creation of her blog,, and her pursuit of finding and sharing the stories of our ancestors. Her days are filled with gardening, pouring over historical documents, and finding ways to tell and preserve the stories of our past.

Photo credit: A friend.

English Drews is a native Charlestonian, a fourth generation Kuhne-Drews. In the past year, she has managed to turn her life upside down, for the...

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