My life is currently revolving around my recently published book: Provisions To Plate, so it should come at no surprise that this blog post is going to be related to that subject matter in one way or another. LOL. It took an entire village to give life to this book and help it to succeed. In that group of constant cheerleaders, supporters and helpers were a few girlfriends that I will be forever grateful and indebted to. They lent their expertise and time to helping assemble the book, make the book and then aid in the preparation to throw an incredible launch party with 150+ attendees. I couldn’t have done it without them!

Krystal Meisel (one of my best friends since I was 13 years old) she flew in from LA, Cali for an entire week to help me with the layout and design of the book. If it wasn’t for her I think that Adobe would have ruined my life and left to my own fate-we wouldn’t have a book! She offered me technical assistance and BBF support every step of the process!

Leila Schardt (Featured Chef in the book) went with me countless times throughout the 18months I was photographing the properties and joined me and assisted me on the shoots. We had several chefs that contributed to the book, but it was Leila who I knew I could count on-no matter what or when I needed it, she was there!

Kristen Rickert (my other BFF from when I was 13) flew in from Michigan to help me make the launch party a success! When the 2 of us work together…we are unstoppable and its gonna be a throw down…smashing hit! Her attention to detail, ability to plan and personal support are irreplaceable.

Jessica Petrillo-so much appreciation that she flew her mother up from Florida to watch her kids all weekend of the launch party so she could help me decorate, clean and prepare the venue. She then volunteered all day at the party while her husband was serving lobster rolls with caviar in the opening reception of the party. Thanks Jess!

Hope Barber Macintosh-Hope’s family owns Bowens Island and she oversees much of the day to day operations. She and I have had a blast collaborating on food and marketing projects over the last 2 years together. Having the party at BI was amazing and I couldn’t have done it without her help and assistance…she was there with me from sunup to sunset!

Lauren Menk-thanks for the editing help, looking at pics and helping me to decide on which ones to use, helping to narrow down the final book cover name and for being there with me when I needed to unwind and destress. Having girlfriend time during the process on a project like this is really important…its all about the balance.

Michelle Tompkins-thank you for being the BIGGEST BELIEVER in me…EVER. You are an amazing woman and so very inspirational to me. Thanks for devoting time for editing and offering valuable insight during the process. Love you lady!

So for all my girlfriends who I couldn’t have done it without them, I raise a glass, to…YOU! CHEERS. Girlfriends make us stronger, better, brighter and help us to achieve becoming the best version of ourselves that we are meant to be! In honor of them, I’m sharing my favorite, easy going and super refreshing summer sangria recipe. I hope you make a pitcher, find a shaded porch and have a good girlfriend to sit with, chat, laugh, cry and embrace these lovely summer days together with! CHEERS.




Simple Summer Red Sangria

This is everything you will need to make a 4L pitcher of this refreshing drink! I highly recommend that you alter, change and use whatever you have on hand that you think will work and make it a success. Pro tip-make this 1 day before serving to really allow the fruit to infuse…if you can wait…it will be even better the next day (truth be told-I can never wait that long)! Haha…


-2 bottles of red wine (all the experts suggest using dry reds or blends or shiraz or cabs). I say: USE WHATEVER IS CHEAPEST or READILY AVAILABLE. This is a great way to use that bottle of red wine that never got finished from the other night thats been sitting on the counter. 

-1 liter of ginger ale

-1/2 liter of orange juice

-4 tablespoons of honey

-1 orange (sliced)

-1 BIG handful of grapes (each grape cut in half)

-1 handful of blueberries

-1/2 apple cut up into bite size pieces

-a few strawberries (sliced)

-handful of cherries (pit cut out and cut into half) 

Cut everything up, mix, allow to sit in fridge for minimum of 3 hours. Serve over ice and enjoy!

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