April – Women at Work

Follow your passion. Sometimes you might get lost and it might be hard to find. Keep searching. Sometimes you are thrown off course. Don’t give up. Know that you most likely won’t follow a linear path to get to where you are going. Know that your passion, your purpose, your success story, it looks different than anyone else’s. Chart your own course. There will, no doubt, be a juggle – of time, of energy, of resources, of priorities. Take care of yourself. Strive to build your work around your life. Develop new skills. Learn from your mistakes. Don’t limit yourself. Be willing to take risks. Trust yourself. Be confident. Be assertive. Know your worth and ask for what you need. Stand up for yourself and those who aren’t able to. Be willing to walk away. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re not enough. Treat others with respect. Build connections and support other women. Be a mentor. Work to expand opportunities for everyone. Work to provide for your family, to make your community a better place. What drives you? Go for it, and you will inspire others to dream big.




Cover Artist:
Danielle Fabrega  of  The Town Serif

Danielle is the owner and creative director of The Town Serif, a Charleston-based calligraphy, design and illustration studio. After years of working in advertising, Danielle started The Town Serif in 2016 to service the wedding industry as a calligrapher and hand-lettering artist. The design studio has rapidly expanded to include product design, illustration and workshops.

Danielle lives in Mount Pleasant with her husband and two children. She teaches lettering and calligraphy workshops in the Charleston area. You can find her products online in her Etsy shop and at select local retailers. 

Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/TheTownSerif
Instagram: @thetownserif

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