A Local’s Guide for the Stylish Bride

Some of the best engagement stories I’ve heard are when the bride is so unaware of the soon to be proposal that she refuses to put on makeup or street clothes and is caught in the moment wearing three-day old gym clothes and hair so greasy it looks like she just jumped out of a pool.

While I may or may not have had some type of feeling about the impending timeline of my personal proposal, I’ve been completely in the dark about what to wear to all the events that are to follow over the next year (14 months to be exact).

Since absolutely nothing I rotate to wear for work, book readings or Home Team really seems appropriate for a bride, I asked two local experts to help assist with looks for everything from a bachelorette party to a bridal shower.

The first three looks are styled by Monkees of Mount Pleasant, a new boutique located in the Oyster Park shopping center off the corner of Ben Sawyer and Rifle Range Road. The owner, Lindsay Cunningham, and the store manager, Brooke Hargrove, both exude a sense of smart style that is reflected on both the shelves and in the store’s beautiful decor.

Photo courtesy of Anna Johnson / Reid and Stone


Photo courtesy of Anna Johnson / Reid and Stone


Photo courtesy of Anna Johnson / Reid and Stone

The next three looks are styled by Lori Dunn, owner of MODELBRIDE BOUTIQUE. If a bride could only go to one place to shop, this would be your place.  MODELBRIDE BOUTIQUE is the luxury one-stop shop for all bridal necessities from engagement to honeymoon. Located on upper King Street, the store is as conveniently located as it is glamorously designed.


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