Emily Cassel, Life Coach, Host of the “Sexy Soulful Success” podcast

From the time she was a student at a women’s college, Emily Cassel has recognized the need to uplift and inspire fellow women and to provide resources to help women succeed. She studied psychology and nutrition and thought one day she would open a wellness center. When she found herself selling advertising for a dining publication, she quickly discovered it wasn’t very fulfilling, but she did love working with mission-driven businesses.

Emily knew she didn’t want to limit herself to a traditional linear path of success. And she realized that the stakes would only get higher and it would get increasingly harder to change course the longer she stayed in her job. She revisited her intention to become a health coach and decided to train as a life coach so she could help high-achieving women who are seeking to build their own businesses and examining their options and wondering how to change course.

Emily moved to Charleston from Pittsburgh because she loved the coastal lifestyle and wanted to embody her mission of creating success on your own terms. She says her biggest accomplishment is starting her business in her 20s. “A lot of people are held back by limiting thoughts around age,” she says. She prides herself on living her life with intention.

As a life coach, Emily says she helps women clarify what they really want and why they don’t already have it. Women often tell her, “I have all the things, but it doesn’t quite feel like I wanted it to.” Emily says her job is to ask a lot of questions to understand what’s holding her clients back.

“I feel like I’m helping them set themselves free” she says.

She encourages women to allow space for answers to come rather than trying to force outside solutions.

“We all have blind spots,” she says. “My job is to hold up a mirror and reflect what they are really saying.”

Instead of forcing a particular outcome, Emily encourages women to enjoy the journey and grow from it.

And instead of the traditional model of success, Emily encourages women to pursue sexy, soulful success. For Emily, being sexy is feeling confident and owning your power as a woman. Being soulful is doing work that feels aligned to your higher purpose, or calling. She believes being confident and true to yourself creates success that is sustainable and unique to each woman.

“These are the drivers of most women’s pursuits,” Emily says. “How you define those things is a great way to get to know yourself.”