Don’t Skirt the Issue


Whether you call them your tribe, your squad or your soul sisters, here’s to the girls
who stand by your side, lift you up and cheer you on.
Here’s to the dear old ones you’ve known since high school or college.
Here’s the ones you go on annual beach trips with, the ones you take the epic road trips with.
Here’s to the ones you think of when you hear your favorite strong-girl anthem,
the ones you have dance parties with.
Here’s to the ones who stood by you when you said, “I do,”
the ones who showered you with gifts and advice when you were expecting,
and changed your newborn’s diaper when they came to visit.
Here’s to the ones who like all your Instagram posts.
Here’s to the ones you reach out to when you need to talk or to cry,
the ones who send a “How are you?” text when they haven’t heard from you in a while.
Here’s to the ones who listen without judgment, who encourage your dreams, share your joy and offer comfort in sadness,
Here’s to the ones who show up at every important stage of your life.
They’ve seen you at your best and your worst.
They are loyal, trustworthy and honest.
And you would not be the same without them.

– Shelley Hill Young