Don’t Skirt The Issue

Dear Skirt Sisters,

2020 is our year! Never before has it been so important to live by the words of our 25th Anniversary cover, “This Is Now!” because the “new normal” has given rise to the opportunity to recreate ourselves down to our very core.

I have lived in Charleston much of my adult life and have long admired Skirt. as a powerful brand for the women of this region. As an award-winning business developer and entrepreneur myself, taking the helm of this iconic magazine last summer started with a lump in my throat for excitement and apprehension. How could I provide what was needed to reinvent Skirt. when I was being told print magazines were a dying industry?

With a leap of faith, I took a deep dive into understanding how we must grow to serve our readers and advertisers, now and in the future. Taking the heat with scrutinizing eyes, I upset a lot of people, as change often does. Then the Corona Virus totally upstaged life as we knew it yet revealing there just may be a silver lining for those of us who are optimistic enough to know, “everything happens in divine order and this must be good for my soul!”

Throughout these last several weeks, you have delighted me with your stories of strength and inspiration, and I am humbled by what you have been comfortable and vulnerable enough to share with me, all the while knowing what you really need is an answer to your prayers. It’s a tall order to step up to serve you and deliver when and how you need it most. I am giving you my very best. Some of you have lost your jobs, your businesses, your hair, and your significant others….some of you have even felt like you’ve lost your minds. I am in the same boat…all of it…and what I know is that if we all band together in faith, we will emerge from this metamorphosis stronger and more united than ever before.

Skirt may have been a premiere publication for 26 years now, but it no longer can be just a printed magazine, no matter what its title or history. The Sisterhood of today is an ethos, a multifaceted experiential, motivational, and educational-minded community setting the stage to expand the scope of our editorial with:

• More in depth stories, more company and personal profiles, and a closer community tie to our subscribers with membership-only exclusive events and meet-ups.

• Enhancements to our multimedia platforms spanning newsletters, digital, social media, AI and data, media partners, video, podcasting, live events, networking meet-ups, and other opportunities to get out of the 90’s and pioneer the changing goals of our community, regionally and beyond.

• Fostering positive media for the rest of 2020 amidst so much negative world media, showcasing our growing empowerment community with its steadfast leadership of strong women and supportive men from our home here in Charleston and beyond.
Welcome to the next chapter my sisters. Sometimes change sucks, our new reality has proven that! The last year has been tumultuous and at times overwhelming for me. But as I said earlier, over the past year together we have become much more than just a magazine—we are a movement that reflects women where we are and where we aim to be.

I have had a grueling learning curve in grappling with the intricacies of the publishing world, and I hate that I couldn’t get to everyone and that I disappointed some of you. But I will not walk away from this arduous task. Giving up is not an option! Why? Because I believe in you! And who am I if I cannot lead by example.

Sisterhood is an ethos for strong, independent women; women who take care of themselves; women who nurture and provide for their families; women who have successful careers and businesses; women who make a difference in their communities; and women who help amplify the voices of other women and empower them in their pursuits, especially when they fall trying to carry the burden of being a pioneer for change.

You, my Sisters, are loyal and unwavering; confident, outspoken and passionate; doers, decision-makers and influencers; and most of all—my friends, and I love you!

Paula Dezzutti