Don’t Skirt the Issue: Creating Alignment

Illustration by Daniel Velasco


Creating alignment:
It’s getting every aspect of your life working together toward a greater purpose.
It’s more than a set of resolutions.
It’s a mission statement, a mantra.
It’s listening to your intuition.
It’s setting priorities and holding them sacred.
It’s getting rid of all the distractions, of all the noise that threatens to derail you.

It’s stating intentions, yes.
But then, it’s about action, making it happen,
creating the vision, the life that makes you fulfilled
and that allows you to give – and then going for it.

It’s devoting your time, your energy to only the important things.
It’s finding a team to support you.

Don’t let anyone stop you.
Find your passion – and your focus.
Everything becomes crystal clear.

This year find alignment and move forward with purpose!

Happy new year!


– Shelley Hill Young