Decorate Your Home For Spring


Put away the wool blankets, velvet toss pillows and flannel pajamas. Spring is in the air, so lighten up – from your fabrics to your color palette. Go lush and natural by incorporating green plants, floral prints, natural fabrics and pops of bright color. We’re feeling energized and refreshed already!

1. Go Green

Add potted plants to your living spaces. They will bring a pop of color
to freshen the room and the extra oxygen will help purify the air.

2. Throw in a bit of color

Switch your winter throw blanket and toss pillows with new lighter
fabrics and spring-colored hues. It’s amazing what this will do to
freshen your decor and brighten your interiors.


3. Glass Jars are your best friend

Fill twine-wrapped Mason jars with fresh flowers from your local market. Add faux succlents, quail eggs and moss to covered jars to give your room that natural chic look.


4. Plant a mini herb garden

Bring your garden indoors for easy-to-access cooking herbs. Plant your favorite herbs such as lettuce, mint and parsley in wooden box for a crisp new look and aroma.


5. Switch out your framed art

Remove glass from frame and replace it with a full-size green mat
board. Using a glue gun or glue dots, glue faux quail eggs in a grid
formation to make a chic sophisticated nod to Easter or spring. Frame spring note cards or scrapbook paper and place on mantel or shelf.


6. Add baskets for storage

Too many pillows? Store them in a large wicker basket or wire bin.
Pillows, throws, books and toys will blend into the decor of the
room while still being easily accessable.


7. Dim the lights And Relax

Whether you have a wood fireplace or a faux one, use herbal-scented candles to set a perfect relaxing mood. We like lavender.


8. Repurpose those rain boots

Place potted tulips or other plants in tall cylinder pots or tins and
place into your old boots. A perfect way to welcome guests at your front door or entry way.