Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls of your home with the holiday cards you receive. Simply hang a piece of twine at your desired length. Secure with a nail or pushpin. Use small clothespins to hang the cards.

Switch out your Frames
Looking for a simple, inexpensive way to bring the spirit of the holidays into every room of your home? Replace your framed artwork with holiday cards, bold wrapping paper or holiday fabrics.

Bundle Up
Gather sticks from your yard and bundle with twine or ribbon to add a touch of the outdoors to your home.

Oy, Christmas Tree!
1 cardboard or paper mache cone
4 dozen oyster shells, more or less
1 starfish, available at craft stores
1 glue gun and glue sticks
1 bag of pearl beads
1 container of glitter (optional)
1 bottle of crafters glue (optional)

Start by washing the oyster shells. A 50-50 mix of water and bleach will do the trick. Let shells completely dry. Starting at the base of the cone, glue shells around one at a time. Continue until the cone is completely covered. Use various sizes to fill in holes. Glue on a pearl bead in every other shell. Glue the starfish to the top of the tree. Want a little more glam? Brush on glue to the edges of the shells, then dip in gold, silver or green glitter before gluing to the cone. Place tree on top of a wreath or charger.

Festive Place Setting
Transform boring red napkins into the perfect holiday place setting. Gather napkins and utensils, securing with a piece of twine or holiday ribbon. Add sprays of holiday berries and branches to complete this simple and elegant look. Use a plaid scarf for a festival holiday table runner.

Sips of the Season
Elevate your holiday beverages by adding fresh spices, fruit and sugary rims. Cinnamon sticks and oranges go well with most ciders. Amp up your eggnog with a delicious spiced rum and garnish with a cinnamon-sugar rim.

Marshmallow Friends
These cuties won’t melt, but they might melt your heart. Attach two large marshmallows with a dab of frosting. Cut mini pretzel sticks in half and use for arms and legs. Untwist a Twizzler and cut into 4-inch strips. Twist or tie at the center of the marshmallow for a scarf. Use frosting for eyes, buttons and mouth. Cut a small piece of candy corn for the nose.

Tacky Sweater
Get out your glue gun, some old ornaments and bold colors of felt. Cut out holiday shapes and glue them to the sweater. Add pom poms, jingle bells or ornaments with a glue gun. Remember, the bolder the better.