December Don’t Skirt the Issue

This holiday season we wish you comfort –
comfort that comes from knowing you’re surrounded by family and friends who love and support you, comfort that comes when you have created a home, a place where you belong,
comfort that comes from healing and from maintaining good health,
comfort that comes from believing and trusting in yourself,
comfort that comes from your faith.

This holiday season we wish you joy –
joy that comes from listening to your favorite holiday songs and singing them at the top of your lungs,
joy that comes from watching young children marvel at twinkling lights and Santa Claus,
joy that comes from creating new memories with family and friends,
joy that comes from going after your goals and providing for your family,
joy that comes from living your most fulfilled life,
joy that comes from leaving last year behind and welcoming a new year!

This holiday season we hope you find the joy that comes from bringing comfort to others,
the joy that comes from giving.

We wish you a holiday season and new year filled with comfort, joy and peace!


– Shelley Hill Young
Illustration by Daniel Velasco