Priscilla Brown

Loud talker, baby maker, sporadic, wanderluster, dance party enthusiast.

English Drews

Witty, joyful, creative, fun-loving, rule-follower.

Candice Herriott

Renaissance woman, hair stylist, tenacious, food lover, global citizen.

Meggie Hulsey

Dolly Parton meets Johnny Cash.

Sarah Johnston

Creative, wine-lover, loyal, fashionista, organized mess.

Pamela Lesch

Warm, friendly, professional, ambitious, punctual, indecisive.

Liz Martin

Old-fashioned, do-er, gingham enthusiast, wannabe philanthropist, wearer of rose colored glasses.

Holly McGetrick

Driven, crossfit junkie, enthusiastic, holiday obsessed, crafty.

Helen Mitternight

Wordsmith, dreamer, sensualist, animal-lover, truth-seeker.

Angie Mizzell

Storyteller, joy seeker, child wrangler, peace maker, risk taker.

Aly Murphy

Spontaneous, resilient, conscientious, mindful, free spirited.


Michiel Perry

Type A, creative who loves home decor & good food

Marianne Rogers

Two parts food, one part booze, dash of snark.

Kelley Wilds

Crafty, athletic, creative, cheese lover, cat lady.

Libby Williams

Photo taker, storyteller, wanderluster, life-lover, food fanatic.