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Charleston is Calling (And I Must Go)

Charleston is Calling (And I Must Go)

charleston calling

“Follow your dreams” is a common saying, but taking that advice to heart is rarely as simple as it sounds. For Marjorie Kneece, a South Carolina native, photographer, and the author of Charleston Calling, I Love Lake Murray, and Wonderland, her dream didn’t necessarily come about linearly, instead materializing after nearly a decade of work and inspiration.

Although she is currently a Lake Murray resident, Kneece lived in Charleston for five years and considers it a second home. Kneece began taking photos and writing about Charleston in order to capture its innate beauty, chronicling it as it grew into a bustling destination for tourists and locals alike.

“I have literally thousands of photos I’ve taken over the years from Charleston…. It’s a very old southern city that’s full of history. It has beautiful beaches, beautiful architecture, beautiful gardens, beautiful old plantations, and wonderful places to eat,” Kneece said.

Prior to completing Charleston Calling and I Love Lake Murray, writing and photography were little more than creative outlets for Kneece, although artistry has always been in her blood.

“I come from a family of writers and artists, and I always knew that I wanted to write a book…As you get older, you start to realize that every day counts. And I just felt that I needed to get on it and do it,” Kneece said.

Kneece believes that it is important to be present in life and utilizes photography as a way to preserve memories that might otherwise be forgotten. “I like to capture the moment…And when you get older, you start to realize how important pictures are, because what they’re doing is they’re capturing memories. And sometimes it’s all you have left.”

Charleston Calling: The Best Little Big City of the South, which was published in April of 2023, includes over 800 photos of the Lowcountry, compiled over a period of roughly 13 years. The book itself is just under 200 pages and illustrates the expansive history of Charleston.

“I talked about all of the major areas of Charleston in the book, the history, everywhere there is to go, what there is to see, and to do, and to eat, and put corresponding photos with it. It’s really my love letter to Charleston,” Kneece said. 

About the Author 

Interviewed by Skirt intern Olivia Cyr. She is currently a senior at Wando High School and is always looking for ways to get involved with the Charleston community. She is a part of the school’s yearbook, the vice president of Wando’s National Honors Society, and a member of the AP Academy. Outside of school, she  love volunteering down at IOP, reading in her spare time, and spending time with her dog.

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