Skirt.Networking – Dr. Amy Cooper

By Teri Errico Griffis


Dr. Amy Cooper does it all: she runs her own dental practice, teaches Tae Bo and supports her Park Circle community with a (very healthy) smile.

“Part of the motivation for opening my own practice was knowing that I would have the freedom to spend as much time with patients as they needed to provide the best care,” said Dr. Cooper. “I also wanted to become part of a community that I could not only grow into but give back to.”

It’s interesting, Dr. Cooper admitted, how many people initially assume a man is behind her business. “I think women have unique abilities to problem-solve, multitask and provide a nurturing environment to clients and staff. The benefits of being a female entrepreneur outweigh the challenges,” she said.

Some of her challenges included teachers who called her “foolish” to open her own practice, Cooper Cosmetic and Family Dentistry. “I knew that what I had to offer was unique, and that people would love a small, local dental practice that truly cared about the community they served,” she said. “Never let someone else tell you it can’t be done.”

Her best advice? Be willing to do everything yourself at first “Not only was I a dentist, I was also the hygienist, landscaper, bookkeeper, office manager and janitor. Starting a business takes a lot of sweat equity. Working nights, weekends and holidays is tough but worth it once everything falls into place,” she said.