Five Ways to Keep your Family Happy and Healthy

By: The Hungry Kangaroo

Instagram: @TheHungryKangaroo

Health and Wellness have always been important to me, but after starting my family it became a priority. If you’ve checked out my Instagram page then you’ll see I keep no secret about it. Although I wanted SO badly for my family’s health to be my priority, no one ever told me how difficult it would be! Juggling constant messes, a social life (and by this I mean a social life for your little one, lol), post-partum hormones and whatever else is being thrown your way, it’s no wonder many of us hardly make time to sit down for dinner together as a family. Here are a few tips that I believe as parents we can have to keep our families happy and healthy.

#1. Make your healthy meals so beautiful your family can’t say no
I find that if you put the time and effort into creating not only a meal but maybe even a little art, your family will really appreciate it and be more inclined to dig in. Not to mention the amount of veggies you can sneak in without them knowing (smoothie bowl pictured above has spinach and kale in it and you’d never know ;)). Playing with your food can be very therapeutic – something to take your mind off of all the stresses you had to deal with that day. Always remember, when you’re stress free, your family is too.


#2. Lead by Example
If you want your family to adopt healthy habits, it starts with you! As a mother (or father) it’s important to remember that your kids pay more attention to what you do rather than what you say. Keep in mind that your kids are constantly watching and learning from you. Show them how happy and energized you feel from that awesome meal you just ate, or that long walk you just got done with and they will be excited to inherit those same habits.

#3. Make yourself a priority
This seems impossible for most parents as our kids quickly take any remaining energy we might have. I cannot stress the importance of self- care rituals. This could be meditating for a few minutes everyday, giving yourself a spa night after the little ones are in bed, or even indulging in something sweet at the end of the night. For me, something as simple as taking a eucalyptus steam shower is a little extra something (not to mention its super cheap) to make me to feel relaxed.  I also love making time to practice yoga every night (if I have time). It’s so rewarding to watch yourself get stronger and more flexible!

#4. Organize your Day Before it Begins
Make an effort to keep a planner and jot down your plans for the week ahead. Having a list you can check things off will keep you organized, make you feel accomplished and you will be shocked at how much you get done when you truly are taking advantage of every second. Even if you have a chunk of time in the middle of the day that’s dedicated to doing something just for you, your family will notice when things are running smoothly. This also makes meal prepping so much more possible!

#5. Appreciate What You Have
It is so easy to get wrapped up in feeling overwhelmed and stressed out about all the negatives throughout your day. Let’s just say for example, your child has made a huge mess of their toys and now is making their way into the kitchen to empty out your cabinets and bang pots and pans until you’re both deaf (this is just a hypothetical situation…kind of). You are in charge of your reaction here. Get angry and worked up because now you have that much more to clean up, OR, maybe make a fun game or song out of banging the pots and pans with some other kitchen utensils. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a big smile on your child’s face when you know you’re the reason behind it. Appreciate those little moments because life truly is too short. This goes for your relationship too! Make sure you are making an effort to let your partner know how important they are to you. Say I love you more, it can’t hurt!