It’s Time to Set Down Your Wand

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It’s January! A new year, new possibilities; a time for setting new goals! Most importantly, January means that the holidays are behind us and we survived them. YES! As wives, girlfriends, mothers, stepmothers, aunts, sisters, daughters, AS WOMEN…we have just spent the last 2+ months making everything perfect for the holidays for everyone else. We want to, we do, we love the holidays (or we don’t, but we work really hard to make it special for the people we care about it anyways). We have just spent countless hours, days and weeks shopping, arranging parties, cooking, baking, writing hand written cards, mailing packages, hand delivering items all over town…for everyone else. Part of us enjoys the spirit of it all and part of us despises the chaos. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and equally the most exhausting, all at once. We are the magic makers of the holidays for everyone we love and care for…but once the calendars flip to January, it means we get to set our magic wands aside. That is where we are now…at that place, the place where we collapse and need to refresh. (more…)