Go Ahead, Get Smart.

“Don’t get smart with me, young lady,” I said to my 8 year old when she tried to tell me that she checked the Weather App on her iPod that morning and it was going to be 79 degrees and sunny; she didn’t need to bring a jacket to school. As she rolled her eyes at me and dodged the coat rack, I realized that getting smart was exactly what she had done! It was in that moment I knew that not only did I sound like my mother, but my dream of raising smart, independent daughters was coming true. Later that morning as I watched her walk down the path toward the school, without her jacket, I wondered when did it happen, when did she get so smart?

The April issue is always one of my favorites to put together because I get the opportunity to work with so many extraordinary women. Women at Work is one of those special sections designed to give businesswomen across the Lowcountry a chance to share their passion for the work that they do with the readers of skirt!. Together, the participants and readers alike develop a kind of bond, a sisterhood that offers support and encouragement while creating a resource for the needs of everyone involved. We embolden these women to be their own cheerleader and for you to be their fans! We ask them to tell us in their own words what they do and why, and we hope it inspires you to want to know more about them and their businesses. Look them up, follow them on social media, and when there comes a time that you have a need for one or more of their stellar products or services, work with them.


Like my daughter, one way of being smart is to be in-the-know. For 22 years, skirt! has built a network of smart women doing smart things, and we couldn’t be luckier to add this year’s participants to the list. So what are you waiting for? Join the network, get on board the skirt! train; I promise you the ride will be nothing short of spectacular. Go ahead get smart.