The Seizin’ of Summer

Summers have a way of slipping past.

I challenge you to seize this summer like no other.

Find the beauty in the everyday and the extraordinary.

Find yourself pausing to drink in these glorious sunsets.

Stop at that produce stand that has been calling your name.

Relish in the astonishing beauty of fresh corn, peaches, and tomatoes.

Delight in their stunning, ripe deliciousness.

Make a meal from your finds.

Take a walk on the beach.

Look at it through the eyes of a child who rarely gets to see it.

Pick up every shell, and add it to the time capsule that is this day, this summer.

Take a walk on that beach, even as a beautiful storm rolls in.

Spend this time with the ones you love.

Family, friends, both.

Out in the sun. Out in the rain.

Laughing. Playing. Drinking in joy.

I dare you: Seize this summer!







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