You Did Not Wake up Today to be Mediocre.


At OneinaMil, we believe work shouldn’t suck. Period. Fact. The world decided a long time ago, that punching a clock, becoming a cubicle troll, and staying in the same job was “living the dream.” Our previous generation might have taught us that work came first, family came second and your worth was only in your career title.

megan-mbTimes are about to change, big time. The world is getting smarter, faster, and people are realizing that living in the moment is far more important than anything else. Most of society is starting to realize that time is priceless and it’s not up for negotiation or sale anymore. At Oneinamil we are changing the world. Our mission in this life and why we exist is to teach organizations how to build culture driven environments, one company at at time.

If you have never felt a stage five organization check out Tribal Leadership to understand where to start and the why behind why it works. This whole movement derived from a local hero named John Smith. Yes, that is his real name.


510kqdikh0l-_sx330_bo1204203200_He sold his first company to BenefitFocus, then he went on to build People Matter, he then took on the challenge of building SPARC, and now he has built Questis. What do all of these companies have in common? They were all built up out of amazing talent, they were successful because they were built on culture first. John spread his word, created believers and taught others how to simply be nice, and do the right thing inside the workplace. John is the culture evangelist of Charleston.

1606960_707162235993084_3525273862215061195_nHe taught most of the tech community here in Charleston what it was like to build an organization where everyone forgot about Sunday night anxiety and skipped into work on Monday.

Most of the millennials will not accept working conditions that suck. That is great news for our children and grandchildren. It is our generation that will teach our youth to find passion in what they do, protect their time, and own their own career path.

Most of what we do at OIAM is work with organizations that are dying to implement the right culture. They are dying to attract and keep the best talent but they don’t know how to do it and they don’t know where to start. If you are a company struggling with “should I monitor my team member’s lunch break or should I only find fault when they are not producing,” you are on the edge of seeing the light my friend.

Be open to finding creative ways to make your organization a place that people rave about on the streets. Be a culture driven organization and you will never have to pay for recruiting services again. If you build the culture… The talent will come, the talent will stay.

Life Is Only As Good As You Make It,

Your Friends at Oneinamil

P.S. For an extra dose of inspiration, enjoy this beautiful video created by OneinaMil CEO & Founder Lee-Anne Scalley!

Lee-Anne Scalley (“LA”) is a Talent Matchmaker who owns the C-level and technical talent acquisition market. She is fiercely driven, with a passion for sourcing...

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