Why YOU Are Your Own First Love


Why YOU Are Your Own First Love

By: Emily Cassel

Love is absolutely in the air this month … but let’s not forget about your
first love.

Pause for a moment and consider what comes to mind when you hear the phrase, “First Love.”

If you’re like most of us, your first romantic relationship likely comes to mind.

But in reality, our true “First Love” is the one we knew first, who we see in the mirror every day, and who resides inside (not beside) us.

Our true first love is ourselves.


Love starts with us, internally, and radiates outward to others, our work, & boomerangs back to us again.

Only when we first learn to cultivate an abundance of love for ourselves can we understand what it means to love others, and give our love freely without expectation.

Here’s what I know to be true for you as a woman: YOU are your own savior, you are a heroine in your own right. Within you is infinite power, and the full capacity for both softness & strength (not one or the other).

This notion can feel terrifying when we live in a world that’s told us and reinforced the belief that as women, we should seek wholeness from outside of ourselves, that we can only be complete if we have a partner/job/etc. that we love & that loves us back, and that our worth is reliant on external markers of “success”, instead of being self-sourced and fully in our own true, internal power.

And for many millenia, that was
true, in a sense — women were seen as property, who needed someone else to provide resources for us. We did not feel or perceive ourselves as “powerful” in our human experience, and these dynamics and beliefs are still living within us today in our DNA.

This truth & our collective history makes the  inner journey to self-mastery
just as important as the outer journey toward success, love, & service.

In other words, you’re not just here to wake up and fulfill your personal agenda, and even though we may feel “guilty” at times for prioritizing self-care and actively being our own first love, this is the critical first step that sets a strong foundation for a life of alignment & fulfillment.

By loving yourself first, you are untangling the web of your conditioning & healing the beliefs of women who have come before you in your lineage, for yourself, and for those who will come after you.

Overcoming these untruths, reclaiming your innate feminine power + worth, & recognizing your limitless capacity to create change through embodying love is all an inside job, and you are the only one who can say “yes” to these initiations.

This inner journey is of course linked to your external journey toward career success, relationship success, society’s success, and global harmony. You’re here to find your purpose, and to do more of what you LOVE, and in doing so, you become love EMBODIED.

This creates evolutionary
and revolutionary growth in your own life and impact on your own future, our collective future as women, and the future of our world.

This path requires self-knowledge, and the willingness to do all things with love, through acts of devotion to your personal mission and vision for yourself, and for the world at large.

When we truly know ourselves, we can find compassion for ourselves instead of being harsh, critical, judgmental, or conditionally loving with ourselves.

And we can find compassion for ourselves (and others) when we are able to remember the truth that we are already whole, that we already have what we need inside of us, and that we don’t need to seek outside of ourselves to find love, joy, or meaning.

May you always practice honoring and loving yourself first so that you can give from your bounty and bask in your love’s reverberation.


Love + Light,



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